Solid (continuous) consciousness

Esoteric heritage teaches us that at the certain stage of personal evolution it is possible to reach the condition of a solid consciousness - when Consciousness and Subconsciousness of man are united in one energy-informational mechanism. In this case, all experience that was accumulated by his last incarnations becomes accessible to the person. In some religions this was initially understood under the term of the “raising from the dead”. When every personality ever lived is appeared in the nowadays living body.

If the similar integration occurs illegally with the unprepared person, then this state is called schizophrenia (poly-mental) or alternating personality, when two or more separate and independent personalities “live” in one body.

But when the finding of similar solid consciousness occurs consciously, on a corresponding stage of development of personality, the person of a new type is obtained. It is the person stretched in time not for 70-80 years but on thousand and tens thousand years. It is the person bearing true knowledge and evidences of last events in his consciousness.

Esoteric tradition also has brought to us the techniques of receiving of the solid consciousness for specially prepared people. These techniques are known from history under the name “Great Mysteries” or “Initiations” and were practiced in ancient times, and then in various secret societies. On the basis of this methods of Initiation, the techniques assisting to the entering of consciousnesses into the area of subconsciousness (or on the contrary) exist.

For example, such mechanism as stress. Stress is the reaction of our organism to the known danger. Some accidents are known, when during fires, wars or other disasters people made actions, unimaginable from the point of view of modern understanding of the world. They jumped through sky-high fences, lifted large-tonnage weights, passed through fire, water and copper pipes... And nobody could not repeat this any more further, in the usual state of consciousness.

During the stress, the amplitude of work of our consciousness (frequency of Vishuddha) increases, and it starts to cover the area of subconsciousness (frequency of Adjna). As a result, the person has absolutely other type of consciousness (super-I), including both consciousness and subconsciousness, and this energy-informational conglomerate (an egregor – the consciousness of other level), starts to cooperate with the external consciousness of a planet in a new manner. As a result, the energy-informational reality around of such person changes and unusual things for our perception of the world start to occur.

Other mechanism for the receiving of the solid consciousness is fear – the reaction of man to the unknown danger. During fear, the consciousness of man is switched off partially or completely (the Amplitude decreases) and the most active personality from the area of subconsciousness takes control over the body upon oneself. Therefore, it happens sometimes, that after the good tipsy the person changes and starts to make actions, which he could not remember in the sequel.

Alcohol switches off consciousness and the most active personality from the subconsciousness takes control over the body upon oneself, and it can be both “silent” and “violent”... When consciousness “comes to oneself”, it, certainly, remembers nothing - in fact it was not there, it was “switched off”.

Two these mechanisms (fear and stress) underlie from time immemorial in the basis of the Initiation ceremony with the purpose of receiving of the solid consciousness among adherents. For similar ceremonies, the terrible cellars and underwater labyrinths as ancient Egyptian Osireion were built, about the purpose of which modern scientists are guessing until now. In modern conditions, along with the ancient techniques of Initiation (the receiving of the solid consciousness), less dangerous practices are developed.

People possessing solid consciousness can read information both from consciousness and from subconsciousness (the last personalities) of other people. Exactly on the basis of the information, get from the subconsciousnesses of other people, the ancient knowledge and technologies are reviving...