Soul and body

Soul and Body are two multivariate energy-informational objects connected between each other by a power whirl called “Silver Thread”. If to speak simply, the frequencies of these objects are various, therefore we perceive body as a dense object by our sense organs, and soul is not perceived by our 5 sense organs. Body has its own consciousness, as any clot of the energy-information in the Universe has. The consciousness of body is limited to that we name unconditioned reflexes - feeding, reaction on irritants, self-preservation...

The presence of these two various objects (Soul and Body) explains such phenomena as coma, lethargic sleep, loss of consciousness - when temporary or constant separation of soul and body occurs. There are such things based on the opportunity of separation of soul and body, as necromancy (science which is working with the bodies of died people) and the creation of zombie (a “revival” of body after the soul had left it).

Astral travels are based on the separation of soul and body, when consciousness being in mental body and being a part of soul, is disconnected from the physical body and can independently move in multivariate space (and not just in a three-dimensional physical world). Thus, the soul continues to be connected to the body with the “Silver Thread”, which is a power whirl and it can “be stretched” and “be shrinked”.

Two objects - Soul and Body carry out different functions. Body is adapted for life in a 3-dimensional physical world, the world of casual relations and effects, where it performs the function of a temporary “environmental suit” for the soul. The soul stays in the multivariate world and it studies to perceive it in the process of own development. At the initial stages of development of the soul, its perception is limited to the physical world, in which the body is staying.

Despite of a seeming external similarity, human bodies are the product of genetic engineering and bear various properties in themselves.

Not any body “will fit” for any soul. Therefore, the choice of partner and the birth of children are much more serious and responsible moment, than modern science represents today. Parents capture soul at conception, for which they will create a body. Depending on the set of factors, each concrete pair can capture only some souls with the certain parameters and level of development. For the expansion of opportunities of the capturing of soul, they advise to the newly married couple, in particular, not to take alcohol on wedding.

The restrictions on marriages in the families of aristocracy and in royal families were historically with the purpose of a birth of the more reasonable descendants (the capture of the more developed souls). 

The power whirl created by pair during conception captures the soul of their future child and forms the “Silver Thread”, which attaches this soul to the impregnated ovum. The breakage of the “Silver Thread” occurs during the death, and Soul liberates from another incarnation.

There are situations when soul leaves body without the breakage of the “Silver thread” for more or less long time. It is Satori – a short-time separation of bodies and Samadhi - long separation. Bodies of people being in Satori or Samadhi remain in a special condition. They do not show attributes of life, but also do not decompose. Imperishable bodies in caves of Tibet are the bodies of people in Samadhi. In Satori and Samadhi the Soul moves to the multivariate space and leaves the physical world.

During the cloning of man, the additional body for the soul is created. Therefore, the clone of man will possess only primitive animal consciousness. Ancient civilizations were able to move consciousness from the old body to the young clone. Physical human life was prolonged in such way. In particular, the mummification of bodies was made in order to keep the soul near the body for the further cloning and moving of the soul to clone.