Exactly as the cells of organism live and die off, releasing a place to new cells, so the human souls live for some period in a corporal and then are going away, having released the place for reincarnation of other souls. Cells of our organism do not live during all the time that organism lives... All cells of our organism are replaced with the new ones for a 1,5 years.

Man, as you can observe, is born, studies to do something, works in some area, and in the further perceives new knowledge and conforms (adapts) to changes in the world much worse than in a youth. And the world is constantly changing - because consciousness of the planet evolves constantly. The consciousnesses which have executed their vital programs, are sent to the “clearing” and revision of the structures generated during the life, while souls which have already last these procedure, are incarnated in new bodies, pass adaptation to new conditions of life and perform the next stage of own evolution.

Planetary organism evolves constantly, and human personalities are evolving together with it. The cells of a human body evolve similarly in the process of evolution of the organism.

It is hard to us to argue about the sense of Reincarnation because it is the mechanism of the higher level of consciousness, but the essence of Reincarnation consists in the step-by-step acquirement of the personal properties in various causal situations. Man is born with the level of consciousness acquired in the previous lives, adapts to the existing current society (if the level of consciousness is below the 4th caste, then it’s joining to the social egregors) and passes the next stage of evolution, making actions and accumulating experience.