The development of Consciousness

Man’s perception of the world is defined by the egregor’s level to which this person is connected, by all those egregors, with which the given person cooperates. The level of his consciousness, the position of his Assemblage Point will define this level...

Only while changing the parameters of own consciousness, while doing it more “high-frequency” (lifting AP and fixing it in a new position), man is in a condition to change the egregor’s level, so accordingly his private world will change with his behavior and the way of living.

Any read books or heard lectures are not in a condition to change the level of a human consciousness. It is only the information kept in our memory. Man perceives any new information from the position of his nowadays world outlook.

We could convince easily on our experience and observations, how different is the perception of the new information when it corresponds to the level of consciousness of man (to his caste) or goes beyond his scope. If information corresponds to the level of consciousness, man perceives and discusses it easily. But if the information mismatches the level of consciousness, it “gives a hostile reception”, it is “rejected on a root”, and thus the consciousness does not undertake any attempt to analyze new information.

Only the understanding of the new information, its transformation into the new world outlook, new algorithms of behavior, the changing of the way of living can lead to the real change of personality.

Any new esoteric practices will not lead to any real changes with the former level of consciousness. The level of development of consciousness is not the reception of new knowledge and not the expansion of horizons. It is principally other perception of the energy-information signal, which builds our world and accordingly the changing of the whole world in which personality lives.

The division of levels of consciousness into castes defines groups of people with the identical perception of the world. People inside of the one caste will understand each other and will find common interests in life. People belonging to different castes will live in the different worlds and never would come to the united vision and understanding of even the most simple and base realities. The difference between the levels of consciousnesses is the basis of a huge quantity of personal “tragedies” in family and at works.

Many people had traced the changing of the level of consciousness (the position of the Assemblage Point, the perception of the world) while reading a good book, after viewing of exciting film, after the dialogue with the great works of art or interesting people. The person is ready to make some different actions in such state, when the perception of the world changes. But he is coming gradually back to his common life, and the altered state ends...

This new perception of the world is the result of the moving of the Assemblage Point and connection to other egregor under influence of the book, film, sculpture, man. Those who have tested similar states, understands that if to manage to be fixed in it and to start to live, staying constantly in such condition (instead of to stay in it for some hours and to return), the life will be perceived and built in a different way...

Man participates in various events during his life and acquires personality in such way. Thus, the acquirement of personality occurs only under the active way of life, when something really significant occurs with the man that is allocated energetically against the common background.

For example, man goes to work every day and works persistently. Thus, frequently it will be difficult to tell for him what he had exactly done in the concrete day – a month or even one week ago, and what made this day to differ from the previous. Such state is called a “background” state.

Leaving the house every day, we are closing the door and then sometimes we could not remember painfully, had we locked the door or we had not... This is a power background of our existence. It differs for each person - that what is a significant event for a one can be a background for another.

Our consciousness adapts to the background energy saturation and fixes only events which are exceeding the background events. Therefore, the higher level of background of the concrete person, the more energy saturated events should occur with him to be fixed in consciousness.

During all life, man builds personality as the energy-informational structure, under the influence of significant events.

Exactly for this reason, many people like to recollect the youth in the middle age - because there were many significant events in a youth in their life – the retirement to the independent life, studies, creation of family, the birth of children, the building of career etc. And then the long years of the continuous background activity have come, which were absolutely not printed in consciousness. It has turned out, that the events of youth were kept only in consciousness, and there are no more other events presented. Thus, it turns out, that most people are actively acting during the first half of life and are switching to the background activity during the second half of life. It could be that exactly this background activity with the absence of significant events in life is the reason for the crisis of middle age.

If we shall consider the formation of power bodies of man with the aforesaid, we would notice that on the 20th years of life, during the formation of the physical body, the person is engaged in the more physical (corporal) activity, and on the 30th years of life during the formation of Astral body (the body of sensations), basic activity is transferred on the level of personal attitudes, building of a family and education of children.

On the 40th years, during the formation of the Mental body, the basic vital activity of man should occur in the field of understanding, cognition, perception of the world and himself.

Certainly, all the told depends strongly on the level of development, because the level of development of personality, which is acquiring for many incarnations, defines the quantity of energy in each power body of man. The quantity of energy of the Mental body (a body of Consciousness) of man of the first caste (Worker) and the fourth caste (Magician) will be different. Therefore, both opportunities and needs of the Mental body will be different.

Man is a “cell” of the planetary organism, which receives an operating signal from organism through the egregor’s layer. Man builds (gives outside) a certain algorithm of behavior when this signal passes through the acquired structure of his consciousness. Therefore, we receive an operating signal from that egregor, to which we are connected now, and we transform signal to the behavioral algorithm according to the acquirements of own personality.

Human personality can be considered as the dynamically acquired “chip” which will transform the external signal of system to any actions.

After the ending of life, the structure of personality does not disappear, but writes in the area of subconsciousness, and the acquired algorithms of behavior will be used in the further by the new personality in new incarnation.

The unsuccessful algorithms of behavior that were acquired in the last incarnations are considered as Karma (look below) and they are negatively influencing on the behavior of the personality, which lives now.