The aim and the sense of human life

Some very important conclusions for our understanding are following from all aforesaid:

  1. Our life has meaning and aim only within the limits of a planetary organism irrespective of do we understand it or we do not. We are the part of a planetary system.
  2. Our life is quite not a set of casual events, and we are not completely free in a choice of own vital way.
  3. Man does not have his “own”, “true” desires, senses and aims in a life. All of them are dictated by egregors in which the man is included. Exactly as the cell of our organism does not have its “own”, “true” desires and aspirations that are not connected with organism.

 It is very simple to be convinced of it. Make the list of your “true” desires and aims, and you will see that it completely corresponds to the aims and desires of that caste to which you are belonging. Ask your friends and relatives to make the same and you will be convinced that the base desires of personality are completely defined by the caste (the level of development of consciousness, or the egregor operating the given level).


The sense of our life on the Earth is in development and complication of structure of our personality within the limits of planetary consciousness (the Sephiroth Tree). If man understands this, he can choose such aims and such ways, which will correspond to the general scheme of the planetary development and thereby will accelerate the development of own Monad (Soul) through the development of the nowadays living Personality.

As the cell of organism, which refuses to obey the laws of organism, is mutating, turning to a cancer cell... Which starts to threaten all organism, and as a result, organism destroys it - as well man who has chosen the form of life which mismatches the general plan of development of the planetary organism, is turning for this organism to the cancer cell and will be destroyed.

Our accumulated experience is the biggest value of the lived life as it forms the energy-informational structures of a human soul, raising it on the higher level of development. Hence, all known sayings - that it is better to make and to regret than to regret that it was not made, because any result, even negative, is the accumulated experience, the structured energy, the acquirement of the behavioral algorithm.

The aim of our life is all that, to what we should and we can aspire (in the process of perception). This aim is to facilitate the development of own consciousness in every possible way...

Imagine a certain complex mechanism (not necessarily mechanical), consisting of the set of elements, each of which is called to carry out the certain function. Each element of this mechanism has certain backlash, certain freedom of a choice of movement, but at all thus, each element carries out the concrete role in the system. In what case the work of the element will be easier and there will be less wear and tear? It will be only when its own aspirations and movements will coincide with the general movement of all system...

We shall reach the aim more quickly if we shall move on a course of the escalator instead of against and across. The more man will understand the laws of the planetary system, the part of which he is, the more correctly he can build his behavior, and consequently to live more healthy and happy life.