Places of Power

Places of Power are the territories on  surface of the Earth with the special energy-information background, which differs from usual and influences on the consciousness of man.

There are two types of the Places of Power: planetary, formed by the Sephiroth projections to the surface of the Earth, and artificial, acquired by people.

Similarly to how there are various bodies and places exist in a human body with a various nervous and mental activity, there are various areas by the energy-information properties on the surface of planet. The Sephiroth Tree displays 10 various generators of properties (Sephiroth) for a human consciousness. For example, Sephiroth Malkuth, that in translation from Hebrew means “Kingdom”, carries in itself the properties influencing on longevity, health of a human organism and a low level of consciousness. Therefore, in those places on the Earth where Sephiroth Malkuth is projected, people will live long; they will be less in poor health and the children of the first castes will born there.

Or, for example, Sephiroth Tipheret, that means “Beauty”. This is the planetary property of beauty and harmony. Everything that we perceive as beautiful or harmonious carries in itself the mark of this Sephiroth. Thus, Sephiroth are the planetary properties, shown at all levels including the physical plane.

People, who are living in a place where some Sephiroth is projected, are getting these properties. Probably, many people paid attention to that fact that the capital dwellers differ from natives from suburbs. It explains by that fact that the capitals of the states were not built not all over the place. There always Sorcerers or Magicians went with the Prince, and they advised him where to pitch a tent. They advised on the basis of the perception of power of the place. In the further, around of the Princely tent they set up a camp and in the case of successful campaign, they raised the settlement that has turned to the Capital of a state in the further.

True, primordial capitals of all states are located in places of the Sephiroth Yesod projection, which meaning in translation is “Basis”, “Form”.

People, who feel power of a place, sometimes are moving to other cities and even countries only because they feel themselves more comfortably there. As man is as a “cell” of the planetary consciousness, then depending on his properties, acquired for many lives, he will feel oneself more or less comfortably in places of the projection of the various Sephiroth. People, who are occupied with esoterics, sometimes are specially trying to discover places with the projection of the concrete Sephiroth and are settling there, with the purpose to get the properties of the given Sephiroth.

Besides of planetary places of power, which are natural, there are artificial places of power, created by the human. For example, the locations of ancient Temples, Altars, Credence Tables, where the rituals, which release energy, were made during centuries and millennia, are the great places of power, which are changing the energy of space. The altar, on which a sacrificial animal was killed in the presence of the big gathering of people, represents a stone, which absorbed a huge quantity of vital energy of the sacrifice, released in this ceremony. Such stone through the thousand years will bear this energy in itself, being the powerful place of Power.



Additional material - Earth Chakras

(information from external sources)



Photos of the seven Earth chakras (corresponding places).

1. First Chakra: Mount Shasta (USA, California)


2. Second Chakra: Lake Titicaca (Bolivia)

3. Third Chakra: monolith Uluru and Kata Tjuta rock (Australia)



4. Fourth Chakra: Glastonbury and Shaftesbury (UK)


5. Fifth Chakra: The Great Pyramid, Mount Sinai and the Mount of Olives (Egypt and Israel)


6. Sixth Chakra: The Mobile Activation Center of the Era (Cornwall, UK)


7. The seventh chakra: Mount Kailash (Tibet)