Where Attention is - there Energy either

One more major principle of esoteric sciences says that the energy of our cocoon is controlled by our attention. Where is attention - there is energy. This principle can be tested easily, having concentrated attention to any part of a body (for example on a nose tip) and having taken it there at least for a pair of minutes. We are tracing absolutely real changes of sensations in this place.

Concentration of attention is practice which means that we do not simply think about some place, but that we can capture own consciousness by attention, concentrate it and then “move” it in the desirable place (for example, on the tip of a nose). After that, it’s necessary to start “to turn” the Inverse circle and to focus on the sensations of the consciousness, received from the tip of a nose, having disconnected all sense organs (vision, hearing and other things).

It will be quite not a trivial problem for a man who never did any esoteric practices. Just as well as we study to operate our hands with the aim of doing of some work for many years, it’s necessary for us now to learn how to operate our consciousness in order to work directly with it.

Our consciousness is both the mechanism of influence and the measuring device in esoteric. But it’s possible only because human consciousnesses can work in two various modes. And in order to avoid the questions “Was it actually or it seems to us?” it’s necessary at first to learn to divide the two operating modes of consciousness.

When we modulate something with the consciousness, we work in the mode of Direct circle and we do not perceive at this time. And when we have stopped to modulate - then it’s necessary to switch over to the mode of Inverse energy circle and then it’ll be possible to perceive and to feel the result of influence...

Everyone knows actually that when something hurts the person, then a hand is put on this place. This place is being stroked, massaged and pressed. Sometimes an advice to stroke on a clockwise or, vice versa, counterclockwise is given.

As if energy always circulates in our cocoon in the Direct or in the Inverse circle, our hands are either sources or intakes for energy. Therefore, we either add there or take away energy from there having taken a hand where it hurts. When man isn’t able to control the circulation of energy in the cocoon, than he can’t add or take away energy in exact.

Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation corresponds to the “screwdriver rule” known from physics. If the Direct circle is turned in the cocoon, the rotation is doing clockwise (stroking of the own stomach, for example) and hands will bring the excess of energy and will direct energy to a sick organ. The counterclockwise rotation will take away energy from organ. For example, at an inflammation, the excess of energy gathers in organ, and while taking away it from there, we shall improve the perceptions of the person. Thus, the healer himself should turn out the Inverse circle and should stroke the inflamed location counterclockwise.

Loving mothers do it subconsciously with own children. Their subconsciousness which wishes to help the child, turns on the necessary circulation of energy.rgy.