Concept about the Assemblage Point (AP) and levels of consciousness of man


The human consciousness develops within the boundaries of the planetary consciousness according to the existing scheme - from simple to complex. All people have various levels of consciousness for each concrete moment of time and accordingly different abilities. Therefore the same actions are taken better or worse among the different people. One performs well the simple physical work and starts to suffer when he should work by his mind, and vice versa - another is ready to puzzle all the day long over the problem and starts to suffer from any physical work - even simple and on the fresh air...

One people will go to restaurant at leisure, other will go in theatre, the third will read books and the fourth will study the world and perform esoteric practices. Each man builds his life accordingly to the level of his own consciousness. And people are selecting friends and partners for themselves basing on the same criterion – they do not understand at all, why it occurs so.

The understanding of this mechanism and correct estimation of own level of consciousness will help the person to choose the more corresponding place for him in the social life and to select the more suitable partners for him in life or work.

Man is a bundle in the energy-informational field of the Universe. He consists of the same energies which are allocated in the Universe. The human soul is created from the energy-informational “material” of the Universe and then becomes more sophisticated during the process of evolutionary development. The evolution (complication) of the Universe becomes also in such way - due to complication of its separate elements.

If to imagine for simplicity the energy-informational Universe in the form of an ocean of water, then the arising human soul will seem to be as a glass with the water, which was scooped from this ocean. If to break the glass now, water will pour out in the ocean and will join it... During life process, there becomes complication of structure of the water - let’s imagine for illustration, that a part of the water has turned to an ice. If to break the glass now, then the part of the water will pour out in the ocean, and the part will be kept in the form of a piece of ice... Similar occurs with a man after death. His shell (the glass) dissolves, and only the structured part of the soul remains – all that was acquired in these and previous lives.

We can take the formed piece of ice in a new similar glass and continue the process. There will be more ice after the some time. If we’ll repeat this cycle over and over again, we shall finally receive a full glass of the ice. If we’ll break the glass now – nothing will be changed in its contents as if all the water is already structured – it has turned to the ice...

Assemblage Point assembles the World

Similar occurs with a human soul too after many incarnations in a body. The energy-information of the soul turns to structures (becomes structured) and becomes complicated until this structure will fill all the possible volume. The energy-informational structures of the separate persons (or souls), created in such way, are united further in the more complex constructions. As a result, there become more complex energy-informational objects from the simple ones, which is actually evolution in our simplified example...

The interaction of human consciousness with external energy field is realized by the organ called “Assemblage Point”. It focuses external energies inside the human cocoon as a lens. Hence this name originates – AP is a point, which assembles the world for us, because the world which we perceive is the energy-informational signal which is focused on a “receiver” of our consciousness. We shall talk about it further. If to change the position of the Assemblage Point, it will focus (collect) other external energy-information on our consciousness, and the world perceived by us will be changed.

There’s a plenty of aphorisms of Sages that “A man builds own world by himself”. These statements are absolutely true, and we shall examine in the given article that mechanism (the AP), via which we build the world ourselves.

For example, let imagine daylight, focused through a camera lens on a film. A small formed light frame on the film could be compared with human perception. As well as this frame contains only a part of the external light energy, a man perceives only a part of energies of the Universe. If we shall change the position of the objective and raise it upwards to the sky and the Sun, light exposure of the frame on the film will increase. If we shall improve qualities of glass in lenses of the objective, light will inflow on the film in wider spectrum... Similar occurs with a human consciousness. In the process of its development, the parameters and the position of the Assemblage Point vary and the more amount of energy-information of the Universe passes to the consciousness of man. Consequently, the parameters of consciousness of man, his thinking are changing and the perceived world also changes.

Since we are speaking about the multivariate Universe, the Assemblage Point is also a multivariate object. Therefore the changing of the AP position should be understood not as its moving on 3 coordinates, but as the changing of its properties via one or several parameters from the existed 22, with the moving over 3 coordinates too. Under the “position” of the Assemblage Point we shall understand further not only its physical position, but also the properties corresponding to the given state.

All human states are defined by the position of the Assemblage Point and the structure of the person acquired for many lives. The learning of any craft or science is nothing else than the moving and fixing of the AP in a certain position. Therefore it’s always so hard to start to cope with a new business. The Assemblage Point still has not got used to move to the required position.

Child has the Assemblage Point which is not fixed in any one position. Therefore children are perceive various worlds’ views so easily, trust in fairy tales, are afraid of monsters and are watching other worlds.

During the socialization (breeding, education), the fixing of the Assemblage Point in the position similar to that, which is presented by parents, friends, society occurs. Both friends and work and hobbies are chosen by man according to the position of his AP.

Many people have noticed the fact, that children's and youthful freedom of ideas and actions of some people is replaced to the middle of their life with a rigid-fixed vital position. It occurs when the Assemblage Point of the given person is rigidly fixed in one position and does not allow him to perceive the world outside of the given direction of an “objective”... It can be compared with a movie camera rigidly fixed on a tripod. Its objective is always directed to one point and we shall see only what is doing in this point on a film. And this representation of a part of the external signal to the input of consciousness is perceived as objective world by the man. But it’s possible to turn the objective, and there will be absolutely other world assembled on the film. Moreover, it’s possible to move the objective over all coordinates and other world will be assembled each time on the film.

Aura is created from energy-information of the Universe
The Assemblage Point, The Aura of the Man

The similar process is possible with the human energy cocoon, in which the energy of the external world, which had passed through the Assemblage Point, is “projected”. A man gains an opportunity to travel between the various worlds with his ability to change the position of AP. It can be both the changed perception of our world (when AP moves over one coordinate or parameter), and the perception of absolutely other worlds. We shall speak about it further.

In the process of the acquirement of life experience, the formation of human energy-informational “cocoon” (the redistribution of energy inside of a cocoon) and moving of the Assemblage Point occur.

The position of AP on a cocoon defines (characterizes) the level of development of consciousness of the given person, his mental opportunities, his world’s view and behavior. Psychics perceive the AP as the most energy saturated place on a cocoon. It’s located there, where about 70 % of energy is concentrated. The other 30 % are above, above the level of the Assemblage Point. There are already finished structures below the level of the AP, which were acquired in last incarnations. It is that ice which was already formed in the glass... Thus, the Assemblage Point is still a measuring indicator for definition of the level of development of consciousness of a man.

The position of the AP is measured relative to chakras for a comfort. When the maximum quantity of energy of a human cocoon is concentrated at the level of Muladhara chakra, then we speak that AP is at the level of Muladhara. And it corresponds to the lowest level of development of human consciousness.


AP on Manipura Chakra


In the process of accumulation of life experience, the formation of the energy-informational structures occurs in a cocoon. All that we name “to study on the own experience” means the acquiring of the more and more complex algorithms of behavior in various situations. These algorithms of our behavior are coded and stored as energy-informational structures of our person. This process is that we call “structurization” (or “firmware flashing”) of a human cocoon.

Having defined the position of the Assemblage Point of any person, it’s possible to draw the conclusions on the place of his residence on a ladder of evolution of personality nowadays, to know his world outlook and mental opportunities. The higher is the position of the AP, the higher is a zone of the maximal concentration of energy in a cocoon and the more energy feeds the brain (the other 30 %), so the brain of the given person works more intensively, that defines his mental opportunities in turn.

AP on Vishuddha

Sometimes we can hear or read about various researches, which are talking that the resources of a human consciousness are used not up to an end; that man involves only small part of his memory and that  man evidently has a big reserve of the unused resources... Esoteric knowledge answers on this question. The physical body of a man (which can be compared within the limits of our model to the hardware of a computer) is estimated for a servicing of the consciousness, of both the lowest and the highest levels. I.e. “hardware” (the physical body) of man is not changing during the evolution of consciousness.

The one and the same model of the physical body is built irrespective of the level of consciousness of personality, which was designed to work both with the most simple and with the most complex consciousness.

The using of a body by the consciousness (in our model it will be a program working on a computer), will be different at a various level of development of consciousness. At the low level of development of consciousness, corresponding to the position of AP on Muladhara chakra (and a minimum quantity of energy on the cerebral cortex), some resources of a brain will not be really involved.

The process of evolution of human consciousness within the limits of the planet Earth will last until all energy will not concentrate in the area of a top, high-frequency Sahasrara chakra and the cerebral cortex will be maximally powered. Thus, all resources of a human body will be claimed. But consciousness and opportunities of such man will radically vary from all other people.

Near hundred years ago G. I. Gurdjieff had stated an idea of the complexity of a concept “Man” as follows: 

“Once again let us take the idea man. In the language of which I speak, instead of the word “man”, seven words are used, namely: man number one, man number two, man number three, man number four, man number five, man number six, and man number seven. With these seven ideas people are already able to understand one another when speaking of man.

Man number seven means a man who has reached the full development possible to man and who possesses everything a man can possess, that is, will, consciousness, permanent and unchangeable I, individuality, immortality, and many other properties which, in our blindness and ignorance, we ascribe to ourselves. It is only when to a certain extent we understand man number seven and his properties that we can under stand the gradual stages through which we can approach him, that is, understand the process of development possible for us.

Man number six stands very close to man number seven. He differs from man number seven only by the fact that some of his properties have not as yet become permanent.

Man number five is also for us an unattainable standard of man, for it is a man who has reached unity.


Man number four is an intermediate stage. I shall speak of him later.


Man number one, number two, and number three, these are people who constitute mechanical humanity on the same level on which they are born.

Man number one means man in whom the center of gravity of his psychic life lies in the moving center. This is the man of the physical body, the man with whom the moving and the instinctive functions constantly outweigh the emotional and the thinking functions.

Man number two means man on the same level of development, but man in whom the center of gravity of his psychic life lies in the emotional center, that is, man with whom the emotional functions outweigh all others; the man of feeling, the emotional man.

Man number three means man on the same level of development but man in whom the center of gravity of his psychic life lies in the intellectual center, that is, man with whom the thinking functions gain the upper hand over the moving, instinctive, and emotional functions; the man of reason, who goes into everything from theories, from mental considerations.

The division of man into seven categories, or seven numbers, explains thousands of things which otherwise cannot be understood. This division gives the first conception of relativity as applied to man. Things may be one thing or another thing according to the kind of man from whose point of view, or in relation to whom, they are taken.


In accordance with this, all the inner and all the outer manifestations of man, all that belongs to man, and all that is created by him, is also divided into seven categories.

It can now be said that there exists a knowledge number one, based upon imitation or upon instincts, or learned by heart, crammed or drilled into a man. Number one, if he is man number one in the full sense of the term, learns everything like a parrot or a monkey.

The knowledge of man number two is merely the knowledge of what he likes; what he does not like he does not know. Always and in everything he wants something pleasant. Or, if he is a sick man, he will, on the contrary, know only what he dislikes, what repels him and what evokes in him fear, horror, and loathing.

The knowledge of man number three is knowledge based upon subjectively logical thinking, upon words, upon literal understanding. It is the knowledge of bookworms, of scholastics. Men number three, for example, have counted how many times each letter of the Arabic alphabet is repeated in the Koran of Mohammed, and upon this have based a whole system of interpretation of the. Koran.

The knowledge of man number four is a very different kind of knowledge. It is knowledge which comes from man number five, who in turn receives it from man number six, who has received it from man number seven. But, of course, man number four assimilates of this knowledge only what is possible according to his powers. But, in comparison with man number one, man number two, and man number three, man number four has begun to get free from the subjective elements in his knowledge and to move along the path towards objective knowledge.

The knowledge of man number five is whole, indivisible knowledge. He has now one indivisible I and all his knowledge belongs to this I. He cannot have one I that knows something which another does not know. What he knows, the whole of him knows. His knowledge is nearer to objective knowledge than the knowledge of man number four.

The knowledge of man number six is the complete knowledge possible to man; but it can still be lost.

The knowledge of man number seven is his own knowledge, which cannot be taken away from him; it is the objective and completely practiced knowledge of All. "It is exactly the same with being. There is the being of man number one, that is, the being of a man living by his instincts and his sensations;

the being of man number two, that is to say, the being of the sentimental, the emotional man; the being of man number three, that is, the being of the rational, the theoretical man, and so on. It is quite clear why knowledge cannot be far away from being. Man number one, two, or three cannot, by reason of his being, possess the knowledge of man number four, man number five, and higher. Whatever you may give him, he may interpret it in his own way, he will reduce every idea to the level on which he is himself.

The same order of division into seven categories must be applied to everything relating to man. There is art number one, that is the art of man number one, imitative, copying art, or crudely primitive and sensuous art such as the dances and music of savage peoples. There is art number two, sentimental art; art number three, intellectual, invented art; and there must be art number four, number five, and so on.

In exactly the same way there exists the religion of man number one, that is to say, a religion consisting of rites, of external forms, of sacrifices and ceremonies of imposing splendor and brilliance, or, on the contrary, of a gloomy, cruel, and savage character, and so on. There is the religion of man number two; the religion of faith, love, adoration, impulse, enthusiasm, which soon becomes transformed into the religion of persecution, oppression, and extermination of “heretics” and “heathens”. There is the religion of man number three; the intellectual, theoretical religion of proofs and arguments, based upon logical deductions, considerations, and interpretations. Religions number one, number two, and number three are really the only ones we know; all known and existing religions and denominations in the world belong to one of these three categories. What the religion of man number four or the religion of man number five and so on is, we do not know, and we cannot know so long as we remain what we are.

If instead of religion in general we take Christianity, then again there exists a Christianity number one, that is to say, paganism in the guise of Christianity. Christianity number two is an emotional religion, sometimes very pure but without force, sometimes full of bloodshed and horror leading to the Inquisition, to religious wars. Christianity number three, instances of which are afforded by various forms of Protestantism, is based upon dialectic, argument, theories, and so forth. Then there is Christianity number four, of which men number one, number two, and number three have no conception whatever.

In actual fact Christianity number one, number two, and number three is simply external imitation. Only man number four strives to be a Christian and only man number five can actually be a Christian. For to be a Christian means to have the being of a Christian, that is, to live in accordance with Christ's precepts.

Man number one, number two, and number three cannot live in accordance with Christ's precepts because with them everything 'happens.' Today it is one thing and tomorrow it is quite another thing. Today they are ready to give away their last shirt and tomorrow to tear a man to pieces because he refuses to give up his shirt to them. They are swayed by every chance event. They are not masters of themselves and therefore they cannot decide to be Christians and really be Christians.

Science, philosophy, and all manifestations of man's life and activity can be divided in exactly the same way into seven categories. But the ordinary language in which people speak is very far from any such divisions, and this is why it is so difficult for people to understand one another.”

P. D. Ouspensky, “In Search of the Miraculous. Fragments of an Unknown Teaching.”

The leader of the Institute of Magic “Atlantis”, B. M. Monosov, is talking about the same theme above:

“The Magicians distinguish 4 castes of people representing steps in the individual evolution of a man (like a school classes). Having acquired all necessary attributes in every his life, man moves from the caste to caste, spending different time for a passage, depending on the purposes which he realizes in this life (are they promote to acquire the properties of the given caste). Each caste has its own attributes which can be divided on behavioral and energy. Energy attributes are accessible only to the “seeing” ones (psychics), but the behavioral criteria are accessible to the simple analysis. 

Magic represents the way of living of the 4th caste which is divided in turn on 4 levels. It’s harder to test the levels of Magicians, than the castes of people. We shall set here the brief description of castes and methods of their testing. I wish to note, that testing is possible only from the outside as if the majority of people “will be a fan of own team” and will find attributes of all of 4 castes within the self. For the external observer there will be a brightly visible “peak of activity” fitting?on?the?concrete?caste.

The 1st Caste (Workers): in this caste the soul is formed (all that will reincarnate further). In this caste people perform a simple physical work (they do not still have skills for a complex) and appreciate such virtues as endeavor and diligence. They are not verbose as a rule (as they still have not learned to talk). From the point of view of physiognomy, they’re large strong people with the great appetite and strong muscles by the nature. They eat a lot quantitatively but are unpretentious in meal. By the end of this caste virtuosity in work is acquired and an element of creativity appears. Personality is acquiring under the 3rd law of Newton from the interactions with a rough material, as a set of individual differences. For example, one person differs from another by the skill to hold a shovel, a spoon and a hammer. So many specific features are gathered together step-by-step, that personality appears.

The 2nd Caste (Merchants): in this caste a skill of dialogue is acquired. The basic feature of the person of this caste is talkativeness and love to a company. From the point of view of the detached observer, people of this caste are empty talkers; however, they simply acquire skill to the communications. In the end of a caste “merchants” acquire a skill of the effective dialogue, which leads to a profit. From the point of view of physiognomy they’re fast, nimble and restless people who do not possess a big strength but are endurable and plentifully gulping food. They are very ?active?sexually?and?polygamic. 


The 3rd Caste (Warriors): These people define their place in society. They collide with each other similarly to the particles in the Brownian motion, creating a certain order (hierarchy). Warrior is characterized with a presence of enemies. Warriors love trainings. They’re preparing all the time for a certain future fight and are afraid to be unready. Warriors are distinguished by will, by means of?which?they?acquire?properties?and?struggle?with?fear.

The 4th Caste (Magicians): These people are engaged in the cognition of the world around. The knowledge itself involves them. Usually Magicians do not possess a fixed appearance and are capable to the enough strong changing. Their condition is defined in many aspects by the internal parameters: by the emotions for the 1st level, by the ideas for the 2nd, by the images for the 3rd and by the System for the 4th. The basic attribute of Magicians is self-sufficiency. If to close the person in loneliness for 2 weeks and if towards the end of this term he will not go balmy – it’s the Magician. Not only the result of knowledge, but also a process itself is interesting to Magicians. It’s not a coincidence that the most classical definition of science is “Science is that what we would do even absolutely free of charge”... The classical definition of Magic itself looks as follows: “Magic is a system of knowledge belonging to a race of beings possessing all necessary abilities for its acknowledgement and using”. The attempts to use Magic by usual people are called “witchcraft” (the abusive term between Magicians) and usually do not give anything, or even much less, than anything (some terrible side effect)...”

B. M. Monosov (The Institute of Esoteric knowledge “Atlantis”).

We have 7 various levels of human consciousness, 7 various categories of people, each of which perceives the world in own way - and  lives actually in his own world. The level of consciousness of a person is definitely determined by the position of his Assemblage Point in usual condition, not during the moments of doing of some esoteric practices.

There is a fundamental difference in the work of AP at various levels. At the position of AP up to Anahata chakra (the first three castes), it works inside from the outside, i.e. only collects external energy and projects it inside a cocoon. It allows the building of a private world, a behavior, an attitude to things for the developing person.

With the rising of AP on the level of Anahata chakra it starts to turn around and can work outside from within. Since this moment, the ideas and intentions of a man begin “to assemble” the world around him, start to influence on external world. With the high position of the AP (Anahata chakra and above), it’s enough for man to think about something, and situation starts to change around him. The work of consciousness begins to render direct influence on external world. Therefore one people are judged for acts, others - for ideas because the ideas of the second ones become equal to acts of the first ones by the influence..