The energy-informational world


Esoteric science defines man and the planet as follows:

The planet Earth is single alive organism and has its own consciousness;

All that exists on the planet is inside of consciousness of the Earth. I.e. consciousness of the Earth “thinks” (imagines, dreams) us and all that surrounds us;

Any object on the Earth including man is 22ndimensional energy-informational object and possesses its own consciousness;

Man is a soul first of all, which lives “forever”, gradually evolutes and periodically reincarnates in new bodies, which are built for itself according to the defined template from the cells of parents and subject to all acquired experience of its existence.

Nowadays scientists are already speaking about that fact that the Earth is a single organism named “biosphere”.

Let us try to realize that fact that we exist inside of consciousness as energy-informational objects. We have already told above, that all objects in the Universe have multivariate energy-informational structure in their basis.


Let us imagine some simplified experiment. We shall construct some imaginary world in our own consciousness. In this world we shall imagine people, trees, houses, forest, sea and other. Can we make this? Yes, we can!

All objects in our consciousness will represent a certain coded energy-information - any little people, whatever, will not begin to run in our head. And nevertheless, if we shall regularly, day after day, concentrate on the one and the same picture of our inner world, it will become more clear and more alive for us. If we shall have to strain on the first day in order to build such picture, after a month of regular trainings it already will be elementary. Try it… And how it will be felt in a year of regular trainings? And now let us remember, that all objects of the Universe were created during millions and billions years – and even more...

Thus we can set any laws for our inner world. For example, little people cannot pass through walls of houses, but can walk on water. And through some time of regular trainings, our inner world will start to live its own life in the energy-informational space of our consciousness...

With the help of this simple example, we can think about the energy-informational essence of own consciousness and admit, that there can be the more complex consciousness, inside of which our world is created, being its thoughts... It is not simply told in the Bible: “In the beginning was the Word”. And “word” here is representation of a thought. By means of words (ideas) our world was created...

So what prevents us to assume that our world is only a “play of fancy” of some more developed consciousness – the consciousness of a planet, which creates it during the huge period of time?

Certainly, model with the little people does not answer on many questions and only illustrates a possibility of complex systems construction inside of the energy-informational space of human consciousness.

Esoteric model of the Universe speaks about a system of the enclosed consciousnesses - a principle of the “Russian dolls”. The Russian doll personifies human consciousness enclosed in other similar consciousness, enclosed in the following similar consciousness and more and more...

Hence the idea of the human’s theomorphism occurs. Human consciousness and consciousness of the higher order (called “God”) are possessing similar properties. But we shall speak later about this...

Man is consciousness first of all, and it is inside of the consciousness of the planet. The planet is first of all consciousness too and it is inside of the consciousness of the Solar system, which is inside of the consciousness of the Galaxy and so on... As a result, all this remains in some most external consciousness. It is possible even to name it “The One God”. It is our simplified thinking, which started to represent God in a form of grandfather sitting on a cloud... And nobody already knows today which sense was put in the “God” concept a thousand years before, when our ancestors have got acquainted with this concept for the first time...

An elementary organism on the Earth - the cell - possesses its own consciousness too, which operates its behavior. It is the simplest organism on the Earth, called the organism of the first level.

Man consists of cells and possesses absolutely other consciousness, which differs from the cellular. It is an organism of the second level. Cell will never understand why we sit on it, or tear it by nails, or poison it with a smoke or poisons... And all that occurs only because man as an organism of the higher level, than a cell, realizes his own vital program of behavior and does not pay attention to millions of cells which are dying at the same time in agonies...

The planet Earth is the organism of the superior level in the same reason - as we say, the organism of the 3rd level, in which man with his complex consciousness is only the cell.

And when some bloody wars, tsunamis or earthquakes occur - that means only that alive organism of the planet Earth realizes something for itself... Maybe even taking pleasure, no less than we are taking from a cigarette or a glass of vodka (from which, nevertheless, the great number of our organism cells is dying)...

Every our cell is controlled by a nerve impulse from the organism and builds its behavior exclusively within the limits of the whole organism. Thus, there are cells of a heel (a skin or a bone) and cells of a brain, which are similar, but carry absolutely different functions and have absolutely different values for organism in the whole. If the cell of a heel was itched, we shall simply scratch it, but if the cell of a brain was itched - than we shall go on the most complicated surveys in order to not to damage it occasionally...

By analogy, which was declared yet by Hermes Trismegistos – “What is above, that is below” - all mechanisms in the Universe are constructed on one and the same principles. A man, being a cellule of the planet, performs the certain role too, depending on the place of its layout in the planetary organism.

Speaking about consciousness, its mechanisms, features and construction we take a step on the absolute “Terra Incognita” in modern scientific model of the world. It is necessary to understand this. Our modern science speaks nothing to us about the construction of our consciousness, its role in our life, its mortality or immortality... Thus, if only to think about it - then we’ll consider that all the variety of our feelings, experiences, mental faculties and many other things is exactly in the field of our consciousness. Just with the consciousness we consider all our actions, we create masterpieces, we solve every possible problems and life situations, we plan the future and we value the past. It is possible to tell safely, that we are truly our consciousness, and body is only the biomechanical tool for realization of programs of our consciousness... The Body does not do practically anything itself (unless it fulfils the inborn reflexes) without that it was developed at first by our consciousness.

And we know practically nothing about all this colossal mechanism - our own consciousness. Unless that “consciousness is a property of a complex matter”...


Therefore, at the present moment of the progress of our civilization, we are getting all knowledge about our consciousness from esoteric heritage.

Esoteric science talks that man is the complex multivariate energy-informational structure having consciousness, which passes the certain way of development within the limits of the planetary system.

Human bodies

For simplicity of understanding, this complex multivariate structure is accepted to represent as a set of several “separate” energy-informational levels or mechanisms called “bodies”. We are speaking about Mental, Astral, Etheric and Physical bodies within the bounds of our model.

All energy-informational structure of man is called “Energy cocoon” because it is perceived so by psychics - as the multi-colored luminous egg, covering all physical body which is visible for us. Separate energy bodies are like a “slices” (sections) of the multivariate structure on some concrete properties.

The Mental body is the most high-frequency component of the human energy cocoon. All cogitative processes of man and its contacts with the consciousness of the planet occur on a “frequency” of this energy-information (concept “frequency” is used simplified and relative).

The Astral body is the body of emotions. All emotional processes and interactions of man occur on a “frequency” of this energy-information. All our painful and other feelings are perceived and transferred exactly by this body.

The Etheric body is the energy matrix of organism. It is the drawing, following to which organism is constructed. Owing to this drawing the regenerations of organs and extremities by various kinds of live creatures are possible. 

The Physical body is the most low-frequency energy-informational component of a human being. That is all that we see with eyes and feel at a touch.