The basics of esoteric doctrine

Ancient Esoteric doctrine is constructed on the following base statements:

- All the Universe is distributed energy, which has it’s own consciousness;

- The Universe is multivariate, it’s not a three-dimensional space, that we perceive with the naked eye;

All objects in the Universe are the bundles of energy which are held with the help of information;

- Any bundle of energy has a more complex consciousness, than simply energy, which is distributed in space. In the process of complication of the energy-informational structure of object, its consciousness also becomes complicated.

- All objects in the Universe are interconnected energetically as they are the bundles of the single energetic field;

We know that if to split atomic kernel up to the smallest particles, matter disappears and there appears a wave – i.e. energy lays in a basis of any matter... We do not know, what exactly keeps atom or a molecule in their concrete configuration, but we already know that human consciousness influences on the behavior of elementary particles. We are learning more and more about consciousness of plants, minerals and other objects. Multivariate model of the Universe is already studying today at the universities. And if we shall look the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?”, - there physicists and medics already speak frankly, that we have absolutely wrong conception about reality...

Thus, esoteric model of the world nowadays does not look so absurd any more from the point of view of modern science, as it would be hundred years ago...

The whole esoteric world outlook is built around of principle of energy-information. This new concept is already used by modern science too. Its idea consists in that, that energy and information are inseparable. Any energy carries information in itself and any information exist only if there’s presented some energy. The Universe is not a Void, but is filled by energy-information.