The perception of the new world outlook doctrine

As we are going to speak not simply about new knowledge, but first of all about the new world outlook concept, you should be ready to cognition new, instead of the attempt to interpret new by means of old knowledge, already known to you. In order to enter the world of esoteric easily, let us agree that during all that time that you will read the materials of our site, you will dismiss all concepts about the world, all belief in anything, and simply will try to perceive new information. Then you can compare it with all yours experience, analyze own life and surrounding by means of new information and draw own conclusions on what is something became more clear to you or some new questions appeared.

Any knowledge exists within the limits of the certain world outlook, the certain model of the world. On the other hand, just knowledge allows the constructing of the model of the world. Our modern world outlook is kept on the achievements of our modern science. In the process of progression of science, our ideas about the world are also changing. For example, such basic concepts as a cell of an organism, genes and many other things were included into our world outlook quite not long ago.

Let us suppose that some data were given to us, which had been received by the more developed science than our modern. For skeptics we can recommend to look through the films of Erich Von Daniken - “Chariots of the Gods”, “Return to the stars” etc, and the books, articles and films of Andrew Sklyarov. If to imagine for a moment, that our civilization suddenly was lost, then after some generations nobody from the wild, living in caves and dressed in skins people will not believe in all that old wives' tales about cars, computers, electricity, mobile communication and other wonders... We speak today about the rests of ancient knowledge after the period of tens thousand years... On the other hand, any knowledge, any world outlook doctrine can be comprehended, investigated and checked up in practice. Therefore, before to speak that “it can’t be because it can’t be ever”, let’s be acquainted with that, what exists however...