Esoteric knowledge and modern science


There is a well-known set of esoteric knowledge represented. It is possible to put into it, for example:

  1. A Cabbalistic Sephiroth Tree;
  2. Tarot decks;
  3. Egyptian, Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, Jewish ancient treatises;
  4. Astrology, Numerology, Chiromancy;
  5. Extrasensory perception, Healing, Alchemy;
  6. Yoga, Tantra;
  7. The Eastern martial arts;
  8. Tai Chi, Cigun, Pheng Shui, Reiki;
  9. Runes;
  10. Voodoo magic, shamanism and many others...

All these areas would seem to be various, have much in common in basics. All of them are based on other perception of the world, than is generally accepted nowadays. Therefore, sometimes it is so hard to understand their sense and essence for the modern person. All this knowledge, which has reached us in a form of theoretical concepts or practices, is based on the science, which was ahead of modern evolutionary level for some thousand years.

We are possessing only the small quantity of the kept knowledge nowadays and we do not have that scientific and technical base, by means of which this knowledge was received. All we can do today is either to turn one's back from ancient knowledge, following a principle “It’s good enough for us today without it” (we don’t believe in it), or to try to reinterpret, investigate and use them as far as possible already now.

The modern scientific outlook is based on the concept that our current civilization is unique on the Earth and that we were preceded only by the more primitive people and societies. Therefore, in spite of the numerous archeological finds, showing the fact that there were other civilizations, more developed than ours, in antiquity of the Earth, science yet adheres to the old concept. Sometimes it even comes up to absurd, when modern science tries to explain impossible just only not to review its own attitude. The last expeditions of Andrew Sklyarov to Egypt and Mexico had showed clearly once more the huge amount of artifacts, which indicate that ancient megaliths – pyramids, temples and other constructions were built long before the beginning of our civilization with the use of high-technological instruments of the processing and moving of materials.

All experiments carried out by different investigators only confirm the facts that ancient Egyptians with copper saws by no means and under no circumstances were not able to cut out, process, deliver on a building yard and put on place that stone blocks and granite facing of the three Great Pyramids - with that engineering precision and mathematical accuracy, with what this work is done. Modern science is unable to explain principles on which esoteric practices are working, so for modern man, who follows the modern scientific approach, all disciplines such as Astrology, Numerology, Alchemy seem to be senseless, before-scientific, cult occupation of some primitive people.

In the process of expansion of our understanding of the Universe’s structure and structure of man, some esoteric knowledge becomes available for modern understanding. For example, round Earth instead of the flat Earth, or ancient maps of Piri Reis with the views of continents America and Antarctica, which were unknown to science in the early Middle Ages (when these maps have been composed from the ancient sources), became scientific reality today.

Studying of the esoteric heritage requires special approach. It can not be a pure scientific approach in that kind in which we understand it today - simply because we don’t possess all necessary knowledge and technologies nowadays to come to the similar understanding of the world’s structure independently. But it should not be the approach of belief in no way, when any statement is simply blindly taken on belief…

Esoteric knowledge carries the techniques and methods of their learning in itself, which have been acquired for many thousand years since the time of downfall of the ancient civilizations. Therefore, the most correct approach to the studying of esoteric heritage is in the admitting of possibility of the existence of other model of the world, and then to make efforts for its development, objectification and verification on own experience. Only the results of own experience are reality for the person.

On our site, we shall use such procedure:

  • Let's get acquainted with the available material;
  • Let's admit, that it is exactly so;
  • Let's comprehend and realize new information; 
  • Let's check up new information on own experience (as far as possible);
  • Let us check up logically, that new knowledge fits in the single world outlook model and do not results in any contradictions.