What is Spiritual Development or Development of Consciousness?


Unlike the materialistic concept, which states that human consciousness is the property of a complex matter, esoteric world outlook defines man first of all as immortal, permanently evolutive soul, which is periodically incarnated in the physical shell called “body”.

 The sense of the great number of lives, which are lived by a soul, consists in evolutionary development of the soul itself. But it is not clear for man who has got modern education. The western world outlook concept considers human as the most developed being on the planet (and maybe in the whole Universe), without any relations with the planet. Human life is represented as a set of chances or regularities, and the aim of life with its sense is decided from mental and ethical reasons existing in either society.

 On such approach, spiritual development (the development of a soul) is often considered as the acceptance of any unscientific or nearby-scientific doctrines on trust and tendency to the actually spiritual development sometimes contrasts with the social and public development. As if all sphere of spiritual lays outside of reach of modern science at the given stage of our development (there are no devices, which allow to measure or to register in any other way the appearance of soul or the work of consciousness), it represents “free” territory for various trends, statements and fantasies. Man finds himself before a necessity of independent orientation in all variety of materials and theories, which exist in the sphere of spiritual.

 There becomes a moment in the development for every soul when it asks oneself the question about an essence of existence. It means that besides of usual everyday problems, some questions are becoming to be interesting for man – such as who is he, from where and where he goes, what is life and many similar. This moment occurs absolutely for every person (every soul) in one of her incarnations. Exactly for those, who already have similar questions, we shall try to state esoteric knowledge, which is known to us in a form of integrated world outlook concept.