The official modern definition of Esoteric in dictionaries


“It will be not easy for them – for those, who rely on the truth of Authority 
in spite of those, who rely on the authority of Truth!”  

Jerald Messy (Egyptolog)


Esoteric is a field of knowledge about other reality (God, supreme laws, subtle-material worlds, soul of man etc), and the way of development, following to which man acquires opportunity to check out the truth of received knowledge on his own experience (by means of meditation, direct perception etc). 


The term “Esoteric” occurs from the Greek world “ἐσωτερικός” (esoterikos), which means “inner”, “secret”, “concealed”.

Originally this conception was used for designation of the secret knowledge, accessible only for a few “chosen”, “initiated” - contrary to exoteric, which means openness, availability for everybody. There is always something secret connected with the true esoteric, which was reported only to a few ones. These people should have passed preliminary through the continuous education and self-improvement. The instructions in esoteric doctrines, as a rule, were given verbally - as well as the transfer of their main principles, interpretations and traditions occurred.

If we shall address to the history of humanity, we shall see that this two kinds of knowledge were existed since very ancient times. One was exoteric another was esoteric. The first kind of knowledge was accessible to broad masses of people and any person could handle it. The second kind of knowledge could be acquired not by everyone since its obtaining was connected with significant difficulties, hardships and dangers of very various conditions.


The term “esoteric” nowadays can have much more broad meaning – all that became available, having been transformed from the secret one. Some cycling periods exist in a history of humanity, when the certain part of esoteric knowledge became open to broad masses. And though this knowledge, which was widely proclaimed and published, actually ceased to be esoteric in a classical meaning of this word - nevertheless, it passes under the concept of “esoteric” in broad masses by virtue of unorthodoxy and novelty of ideas, which can’t be substantiated with dominating sights of religion, philosophy or ideology of one’s times.