10.2 The conclusion

In the conclusion of this base section, it would be desirable to sum up our travel.

All esoteric knowledge which came to us, bear in itself the expanded view of the world (in comparison with the modern). They throw light on the energy-informational nature of the world and man. Ancient esoteric doctrine logically explains absolutely all known to us nowadays effects and phenomena of our world, which are impossible to explain from the position of modern science.

Esoteric knowledge has brought the stages of development of human consciousness and the major events, which occur on the way of development – Initiation (the obtaining of the Solid consciousness) and Rapture (passage to a higher power level of existence). They also brought to us the proved in millennia techniques for acceleration of development of own consciousness.

The acquirement of esoteric knowledge and its use in life first of all allows to build the more intelligent life having the real purposes. The expanded understanding of the world and development of own consciousness allows to solve almost all problems facing before the person more successfully.

Any knowledge exists inside of the certain world outlook model inside of a concrete egregor. It is possible to illustrate this on an example of religious rituals. If the truly believing person goes to the temple and makes ritual (connects to egregor and carries out the egregor’s action), he receives real result from this action. But if the irreligious person will make absolutely the same action - on appearance – his result will be absolutely other.

All esoteric practices work exactly in the same way. They operate in a full range only within the limits of the concrete world outlook. Therefore there is an opinion in society, that the person should trust (should be assured) in all that he does – because otherwise it does not work.

Esoteric is a science, therefore it’s necessary to study and assimilate it in the same way as we study any other science, instead of simply trust in it. Modern science already starts to face with the influence of human consciousness on the results of experiments. Schrodinger’s principle of uncertainty in the quantum physics is based on it.

So called “effect of general” is based on it, when generals are coming to scientists to accept the newest products.

Scientists are, as a rule, people of the 4th caste who trust in that, what they are invent. Generals are the people of the 3rd caste (Warriors) which trust only in power, will and orders. Thus, generals are very strongly fixed in their belief and so they create the energy-informational space around themselves with the certain properties. And when the energy-informational space of scientists where the newest devices work starts to be reconstructed (starts to change its properties) to the power of generals – then devices are stopping to work. After the end of a visit of the selection committee, the devices are coming back to the normal work.

Such examples once again clearly show that fact, that we are inside the energy-informational space, and we can influence on its properties by our consciousness. If the person is convinced and trusts (is assured) sincerely, that frames and pendulums are nonsense – they will not work in his hands for the same reason. His consciousness will render a blocking influence on the work of all energy-informational mechanisms. But if such person can sincerely tell to himself that “I don’t know, maybe all is possible now” – then the block will be removed and energy-informational mechanisms will start to work. All the told above illustrates, that human consciousness influences on the result of experiment in any case and so more full understanding of the energy-informational nature of the world allows for man to stimulate the achievement of purposes consciously.

All we know that even in the physical world for the achievement of something (for example, sports result), the person should be assured in his opportunities. If a sportsman doubts that he can perform the planned thing, then he most likely will not perform it.

But physical world is only a low-frequency part of all energy-informational world in which we are. Therefore, human ideas, intentions, desires, will, aspiration and many other things are the absolutely real working tools. While studying the ancient scientific knowledge, the person changes its world outlook, connects by own consciousness in ancient egregors and gets additional opportunities thereby.

In the specialized sections of our site you will learn about the use of esoteric knowledge in and around Health, Social life and Spiritual development.

In summary it would be desirable to note, that the developed person in esoteric is the person woken up from a social dream to a real life, the more competent person, he knows more, reacts more adequately on all the life appearances and is more interesting as a result of this all...