9.24 What is Numerology?

We live in the energy-informational world. All that we perceive around is the energy-informational signal, which is transformed by our consciousness into objects and sensations. The energy-informational signal possesses characteristics (properties), which are displayed in the form of Numbers of Channels of the Sephiroth Tree. Each Channel (energy) of the Sephiroth Tree bears some quite defined property in itself.

For example, the 1st Channel means masculinity, Yang energy and creation. The 3rd channel means femininity, Yin energy. The 17th Channel is the energy of life and the 13th Channel is the energy of death.

So, all 22 Channels have a precise designation of properties.

Any informational signal is distributed to harmonics. Similar dependence exists within the limits of the Sephiroth Tree too.

All 22 Channels are arranged in the form of a spiral in 2,5 turns in that way, that the properties of the 1st Channel are reflected in the 10th (1+0=1) and the 19th (1+9=10=1). Properties of the 2nd Channel are reflected in the 11th (1+1=2) and in the 20th (2+0=2) and so on.

So the primary correspondence of properties (harmonics) of the energy-informational signal is expressed in the numerical formula in such manner that 1 = 10 = 19 on the correspondence of properties.

As if absolutely all in our world is constructed from the 22 energies represented in the Sephiroth Tree, any situation can be considered as being made from the certain energies. For the testing of situation, it is possible to use the Tarot cards (look a cartomancy on the Tarot cards) or to use numerical methods – which Numerology does.

The following laws are working within the limits of consciousness of the Earth (represented in the Sephiroth Tree):

1. All numbers from 1 up to 22 have a semantic meaning in properties of energy of planetary consciousness.

2. Any two-digit number from 10 up to 22 can be reduced to a single-valued by means of the addition of its numerals, and thus the quality indicator of the resultant numeral will match the initial number.

3. It is possible to expand any number up to 22 to components, each of which will have sense in the properties of the energy of planetary consciousness. And the integration of senses of components will define total sense of the initial number. For example, 19 = 15+4 – it means that properties of the 19th Channel include properties of the 15th and the 4th ones.

4. It is possible to reduce any number more than 22 to numbers within the limits from 1 up to 22 (having qualitative characteristics) by the means of addition of its figures or expansion on the components, and to receive thereby some qualitative characteristic of the initial number.

We live in the energy-information world. Energy-informational signal changes in time. As well as musical octaves are made of repeating notes, our calendar reflects the repeating conditions of the energy-information of the Universe. Every month in a year has its annual repeating power. Similarly every day of a week has power differing from the other days. The psychics, who are perceiving power, can tell on one’s sensations what the day of week now, not looking in a calendar.

Thus, calendar is the system which assigns the numerical values to various cyclic (repeating) energy-informational properties. It is possible to calculate periods with the interesting to us energy-informational properties influencing on a life and state of the personality if to make operations with numbers.