9.23 What is Cosmic Consciousness?

The infinite quantity of the worlds, star systems, planets exists in the Universe. A huge quantity of them is populated by reasonable beings.

These beings are the bundles of energy-information as well as we are, but for all that they can have absolutely other energy-informational parameters than we have. As a result, at the level of physical objects (with which the modern science works) we can perceive each other not at all.

Let us think that our sense organs register a very narrow frequency range – a little bit of a light range, a little bit of acoustical, some tactile sense and sense of smell. And if there will be a being, perceiving the world in the range of radio-waves, x-ray radiation or bio-radiation near to us? And the “frequency” of its power cocoon will differ from ours. Then we shall easy pass through each other in the same way as we pass through the air and shall not detect each other by no means.

It means that from all the multitude of the energy-informational objects in the Universe, we can perceive only that what have some general characteristics (the energy-informational parameters) with us.

Thus, it is absolutely not obligatory, that cosmic reasonable beings should be similar to us, should be humanoids or mammals in general. In fact man is first of all consciousness. And this consciousness (born inside of planetary system) chooses the body from those physical forms which are the most adapted to the conditions of existence on the given planet. If the planet is dominated by pangolins, then the civilization of reasonable pangolins can appear – and there are many such civilizations in the Universe.

There comes the moment when the reasonable civilization develops up to a space stage and starts to assimilate space and to move over the Universe. It is possible to move in two ways – in physical space and through Hyperspace.

Our civilization imagines only moving in physical space nowadays.

Ancient civilizations of the Earth were able to move through the Hyperspace – i.e. to detune from the signal of their own world and co-tune with the signals of other worlds.

Certainly, other technique, technology, knowledge and level of consciousness are absolutely necessary for this purpose.

The ships traveling on the Universe sometimes are crashed on other planets and their crews die. Here is the question: what occurs with the consciousnesses of these beings?

If navigation occurred in the physical space, then these consciousnesses are coming back within the limits of their “native” planet because there is an energy-informational link between a planet (organism) and the astronaut (a cell of this organism).

But if navigation occurred through Hyperspace, the consciousness cannot return on a native planet because the co-tuning (link) with the planet is lost.

Such consciousness remains within the limits of a new planet and there occurs one of two things further:

1.    If this consciousness (the energy-informational bundle) coincides on the base parameters with the consciousnesses existing within the limits of the given planet (with the egregors of alive beings) – then it starts to incarnate on this planet.

2.    If this consciousness does not coincide with the egregors of the given planet, it simply hangs on the level of Limbo.

So, there are lots of people on the Earth who have consciousnesses primary born within the limits of other planetary systems. And in spite of the fact that all people are practically identical externally in outward appearance, there can be absolutely different consciousnesses inside of identical bodies. All the aforesaid means, that in the subconsciousness of man there are personalities of absolutely other world on the bottom “floors” with absolutely other possibilities and other level of development. Esoteric work with these extraterrestrial consciousnesses can bring a lot of interesting and helpful information.