9.22 What are the Talismans and Amulets?

Talismans are the energetically processed items, which render long influence on the energy-informational structures of man with the purpose to change them somehow. Talismans, as a rule, assist to the co-tuning of consciousness of the person with the planetary power channels (egregors) of the Sephiroth Tree.

During the co-tuning of consciousnesses of the person with the concrete channel, the person starts to conduct energies of this channel and gets properties of the channel. For example, Talisman of the 19th Channel – Happiness – will support the person itself in a comfortable condition with all those, who are in contact with him. Talisman of the 18th Channel – the Way – will create a mood of the person to train, to change the life. Talisman of the 17th Channel will assist to the raising of the Assemblage Point of man on the level of Anahata chakra and to the seizing on Magic egregors.

Any co-tuning with the planetary channel should be considered as moving of the Assemblage Point to special position. Therefore, Talismans assist strong and long influence on the person with their small energy due to inexhaustible energy of planetary consciousness. All the time while the owner of Talisman is connected to the channel of planetary consciousness, Talisman is recharged by the energy of the channel.

Stones and metals are usually used as Talismans. Thus, the more homogeneous and monochrome stone or metal will be, the better Talisman will keep energy of the co-tuning with channels on itself. That person can make talismans, which is able to co-tune by his consciousness with the planetary channel.

Recently the 8-centimetric statuette of Guennol Lioness was sold for 57 million dollars at the Sotheby's auction. All newspapers were writing about it because the price exceeded the highest price ceiling in a 3 times. Nobody could understand, for what they have paid such a price.

The matter is in that fact, that this statuette is the ancient working talisman of the 8th Channel – Force, by means of which the person having the Assemblage Point on Adjna is in a condition to make strong changes in our world. And they do not spare money for such opportunities.

Usually Amulet is making for the concrete person and for the decision of a specific target. The maker of Amulet should have the higher position of the Assemblage Point, than the carrier of Amulet – only in this case it’s possible to charge Amulet in such way, when energy will flow from it to its carrier and not on the contrary.

The maker of Amulet enters to the working condition – the high position of the Assemblage Point, tunes on the person and the decision of his problem and “records” this energy-informational state in the Amulet. When the person puts Amulet on himself (brings it to own energy-informational space), then energy embedded in the Amulet starts to change power of this person to the direction of solution of a specific target. The energy exchange occurs here and Amulet is gradually discharging.

Leather knapsacks with the cotton wool or beeswax are used usually as Amulets.