9.21 What is Mandala?

Mandala is a graphic representation of the energy-informational structure. Its essence consists in that fact, that when we look at mandala, our consciousness assumes the certain configuration and is influenced in such way.

Other kind of Mandala consists in the fixing of a thoughtform (power influence) on a paper.

The person goes into the “working condition” with the high position of the Assemblage Point, tunes on the certain influence by his consciousness (in the same type as while making spell), and then, conducting the energy of this influence through a pen or a felt pen, in the certain way and by means of the certain signs (which was acquired for millennia), fixes (sews) these energies to the paper. Ink easily changes its energy-informational structure under influence of a thoughtform – as any liquid, and during drying, fixes this energy-information on a paper.