9.20 What is a Spell?

Spell is a thoughtform, constructed in the certain way and fed by the energy.

In order to have the spell working in the external world, the high position of the Assemblage Point above Anahata chakra is necessary.

Sometimes they say spells on classic languages. There are two semantic moments here:

1.    The given spell is ancient and it has the acquired egregor on the classic language.

2.    The spell is spoken on a proto-language – the language of the very first incarnation of exorcist. Certainly, it is necessary to be able to get to the proto-language. The sense of it consists in that fact, that our very first incarnation had no acquired personality yet, and our consciousness was then the consciousness of the planet in the pure state. Therefore the energy-informational exchange between our very first consciousness and planetary consciousness was very strong as it was practically the same energy-informational space. Thus, if exorcist is in a condition to identify with the very first own incarnation on the Earth and could pronounce spell on the language of that incarnation in this state, then there will be the strongest effect.

But it is necessary to understand, that spell on the proto-language works only for the concrete person and only in his condition of a co-tuning with the very first incarnation on the Earth.