What is a Fortune-telling on the Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards are used not only for tuning on the energy channels of planetary consciousness, but also for testing of the energy-informational space (or simply for a fortune-telling).

Any object and any situation on the Earth is a conglomerate from 22 various properties (energies). The problem of testing consists in the defining which properties and in what proportion are presented in the given situation.

The mechanism of this effect is in the following: Tarot Deck is preliminary charged by the energies of the Sephiroth Tree; each card in a deck should be charged by the corresponding energy – and only such deck is the working tool.

Further, the person with the Assemblage Point not below Anahata is necessary, whose consciousness can already be tuned on the planetary consciousness – on the Sephiroth Tree. Having tuned on the consciousness of the external reality, the person starts to tune by own consciousness on the asked question (on the needed problem). After the consciousness had co-tuned with the problem (the certain techniques exist for this purpose), the person starts to shuffle the deck, setting it in resonance with own consciousness. In that way the deck of the charged cards becomes the model of the given situation.

After the tuning of cards on the situation, the co-tuned deck is spread in a certain way, and it shows energies which are presented in the interesting for us situation. Cards of a deck, each of which bears on itself the certain energy, show to astrologer, which energies the required situation contains. Further the person, who is familiar with the power model of the world and Tarot cards, can interpret the shown result.

The “guessing” on Tarot cards is power work, feasible only to people with the Assemblage Point not below Anahata chakra.