What are the Tarot Cards

The Tarot Cards are 22 cards of Major Arcana and 56 cards of Minor Arcana, divided into 4 suits – elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

Major Arcana are the tuning tables on the 22 channels of planetary consciousness of the Earth, and Minor Arcana are pictograms, by means of which magic practices of work with Elements are written down. When the person consistently and in the certain order starts to build glyphs of the card of Major Arcana (separate elements of the image) in own consciousness, his multivariate consciousness starts to change “configuration” and co-tunes with the certain planetary egregor.

It means that man, who builds the consecutive system of thoughtforms and images in his consciousness, commands his consciousness and “turns” the multivariate consciousness in such manner, that it starts to be synchronized with the external channel.

Certainly, for the tuning on various channels, consciousness of the person should possess the certain properties. During the co-tuning of consciousnesses of the person with the channel of the planetary consciousness (connection to the planetary egregor), the human consciousness receives the additional operating signals from the system, which give special properties to this consciousness. It is possible to tell that all the additional properties distinguishing esoterics from usual people appear during the connection of the consciousness of esoteric to the more “high-frequency” channels of the planetary consciousness.

There are only few Tarot decks now, which are really magic – displaying the tuning on the channels and practices correctly, while the overwhelming majority of decks are simply pictures...