What does Hyperspace and transitions between the worlds mean?

One of the parameters of any information signal is a parity of the level of a signal to a noise level. When amplitude of signal significantly exceeds noise level, then any receiver can easily tune on the signal and detune from noise.

In television signal, for example, it’s possible to allocate the strong signal of station, which has maximal amplitude (on which our receiver is usually tuned on), and which later in a process of changing of tuning of the receiver decreases until the picture on a screen will not completely disappear and a continuous flashing of a multi-colored or black-and-white points and hissing instead of a sound will appear. They speak about such condition, that the level of signal matched the noise level and it’s impossible to recognize the signal. If we shall continue to twist the tuning handle, the new signal will appear gradually from noise – but it will be already other television program.

By the same principle the worlds in the Universe are constructed. They are complex multidimensional signals, which have zones of the maximal amplitude (an appearance of the given world), and the zones of noise named Hyperspace – space with the undefined properties. 

If in the zone of the appearance of the world our consciousness perceives some dimensions of this world (at least three dimensions), in the zone of Hyperspace our consciousness (as well as the television receiver in interval between channels) perceives white noise – i.e. full absence of the signal. It is possible to tell, that Hyperspace is such condition, in which signals of all worlds accessible to our perception are minimally shown. Human consciousness starts “to search” the signal in such condition, and can be tuned on any – even weakest signal incoming from other world. I.e. the energy-informational signal of other world will start to come on the decoding device of our consciousness, and our consciousness will start to transform it into pictures, but under the scheme installed in it. It means that we can see in the new world only that, what is familiar to us from our world.

If to consider, that all worlds are simply various energy-informational signals and that all of them exist here and now – then the moving from one world to another is only a retuning of the receiver of our consciousness. Just as there is no necessity to carry a TV receiver to London in order to look a telecast from London, but it’s enough only to tune it on the corresponding channel, – as well it’s not necessary to fly anywhere for the moving to other world, but it’s necessary only to tune consciousness on the signal of other world.

For the tuning of human consciousness on a signal of other world and for the full moving to that world, the portals of the transition were built on the Earth in an antiquity – in those points of space, where signals of other world were “picked up” in the best way. The example of such portal is English Stonehenge. Labyrinth of the Crete with the Minotaur supposedly devouring people also was the working portal.

Actually, people moved to other world. The idea of a labyrinth consists in the detuning of consciousness of man from the signal of this world and co-tuning with the signal of another. The object brought from other world was located in the centre of labyrinth with this purpose – for example, a stone. While the person wandered in labyrinth, his consciousness was losing orientation in space and thereby was switched in a mode of the strengthened search of a signal.

Similar sensations can be tested if to lose the way in a forest. In such condition, the consciousness co-tuned with the object of other world and all energy-informational cocoon of man was rearranged on other world. Thereby, the person “moved” to that world. Nevertheless, a certain level of consciousness is necessary for similar moving, allowing to change the tuning – to leave one Contract and to enter another.