What are the Elements?

Our world is building from the energy-informational signal by our consciousness, which has own characteristics and changes in time – as any signal.

Elements in Magic mean the parameters of energy-informational signal, which defines our world.

Fire is the Amplitude of signal.

Earth is the Informational structures of signal.

Water is the Speed of distribution of signal.

Air is the Ratio of signal, which defines our world, to noise (chaos).

The tuning on some element means the selection of any one characteristic of the signal by our consciousness. Tuning on elements is possible only from the level of consciousness corresponding to the position of the Assemblage Point on Anahata chakra.

Usually, elements are shown in the form of a cross. On one axis two opposite elements – Fire (energy, amplitude) and Water (deceleration, fading of the signal, past time) are located. On other axis opposite elements Earth (structure, order) and Air (chaos, multivariate approach, future time) are located.

The social Contract (the perception of all people of the first three castes) is located in the center of a cross of elements. It is a standard tuning of human consciousness on the energy-informational signal of the world.

Any violation in this base tuning leads to diseases, because for the people of the first three castes, the signal perceived by consciousness influences on organism. For people of the fourth caste, the signal influences on the changing of parameters of the consciousness.

For example, shift on the element Fire will lead to the rising of a temperature, changing of acidity, a gastric ulcer and other.

Shift on the element Earth will lead to a lithogenesis everywhere, where it is only possible.

Shift on the element Water will lead to hypostases due to local change of a time flow.

Shift on the element Air will lead to psychoses.

Only when the Assemblage Point comes on the level of Anahata chakra, the shifts on elements are worked off not on organism, but on the consciousness itself and lead to the change of perception of the world.

There are techniques of tuning on the elements, represented on the Tarot cards of Minor Arcana. 14 Tarot cards of each color are the pictographic manual on the tuning on each of 4 elements. The more high-order is card, the stronger shift of consciousness in the Element it describes.

For example, having started to tune on the element Fire, human consciousnesses starts to perceive the world around in other way. It perceives now all objects via quantity of energy. The more energy object has – the bigger and more brightly it is. From the two objects being side by side, in the perception “on Fire” those will be bigger, which has more energy – instead of those, which occupies greater volume of space – as in the usual perception.

While in a usual condition of consciousness man perceives some average value of all four elements, in the process of tuning on some one element, he starts to perceive only this element.

We can describe it as follows: if we shall start to decrease brightness of the screen of TV or computer, then soon the majority from all variety of objects on the screen will go to darkness and there will remain only the brightest ones. And the screen will look as a certain cluster of more or less bright points, but we shall not see anymore any former usual picture.

Similar occurs with the perception of a signal of the world on the parameter of its amplitude (on Fire).

The work with elements allows to perceive or to influence on separate parameters of the signal (external reality).

Fire allows us to work with amplitude of the signal, with the energies of the present time.

Earth allows us to work with the structures of objects.

Water allows us to work with the past time.

Air allows us to work with the multivariate future.

Work with the past and future time is not such a curious at all, as it is represented in films and books sometimes. From the position of perception of the energy-informational signal, which describes the world, past time is simply the kept information. And it can be changed – copied just as it’s possible to copy video film on the cassette, recorded from the yesterday's television program. We shall not change the yesterday's program in such way, but we shall create one more its variant today. And all those who will look our film now, will perceive the past in a different way, and as a result, will behave themselves in a different way in the further. It means that the changed past will influence the future.

Each man has some predisposition to element – his consciousness perceives better one of the parameters listed above. The idea about base elements of the person is given by the sign of Zodiac, under which he was born. Signs of Zodiac are allocated on four elements. It will be true only for those who are not doing Magic practices, because the person could acquire the properties of absolutely other elements in this case.

For example, the person born under a fire sign will be vigorous, always full of energy, active. His ideas will be always in present time – Here and Now.

The person born under a water sign – on the contrary, will be merged by thoughts in the past, will always late and will look inhibited.

When people start to do esoteric practices and to get acquainted with sensations of energy, these sensations are different. One feels energy as warm – this is a perception on Fire, which means that person is more oriented on the element Fire. Other feels as a certain structure – it’s a perception on Earth. The third feels pricking – it’s a perception on Air, the fourth feels as density – it’s a perception on Water.