What is the Sephiroth Tree?

The Sephiroth Tree, which is usually associated with Cabbala, represents the scheme of  the planetary consciousness. This scheme has reached us from ancient advanced civilizations, because modern science does not know, how to approach to it on our current level of development.

The scheme of planetary consciousness consists from 10 Sephiroth – a “generators” of the energy-informational signals carrying various properties in themselves, which are projected on a surface of the Earth, and 22 channels connecting these generators.

As a result of it, various territories on the surface of the Earth bear various properties on themselves, which is reflected on consciousness of people who are living there. Therefore, from esoteric point of view, Tibet, the Near East, separate areas of China and other places are allocated especially.

22 energy-informational channels, which link generators of signals, are called “Channels” and are planetary egregors. They are formed by the consciousnesses of living and ever lived people on the Earth with a various level of consciousness. These planetary egregors define evolution of human consciousness on the planet Earth. In the process of acquiring of personality properties and development of consciousness, man “connects” to the corresponding egregor.

In the bottom of the Sephiroth Tree the “low-frequency” Channels accessible to any consciousness are located.

Three horizontal Channels (the 17th, the 9th, the 4th) exist, corresponding to the position of the Assemblage Point on Anahata, Adjna and Sahasrara accordingly. These levels of the Assemblage Point will define the qualitative changes of human consciousness. The 17th channel defines the level of Initiation – the finding of a solid consciousness. The 9th channel defines the level of Rapture – the transition to the Magonia, on the following power level. The 4th channel corresponds to the end of evolution of consciousness within the limits of the planet Earth and appearance on the following level – the level of consciousnesses of the Solar System.

Three vertical “columns” of the Sephiroth Tree reflect Present time (element Fire, central column), Past time (element Water, right column) and Future time (element Air, left column). Of course, all Sephiroth and Channels of the Sephiroth Tree bear the energy-information about present, past and future time in themselves.

For example, Sephiroth Malkuth and Channels 22, 15, 3 (located on the central column) bear in themselves properties and energies of a present time. Channel 21 connects present and past time, and Channel 19 connects present and future time.

Sephiroth are the “generators” of a signal, which is perceived by our consciousness and is turned by it to that external world which we perceive then by means of sense organs. Actually, our sense organs are the detectors allocating some parts from the energy-informational signal about the world.

There are 10 worlds – on the quantity of Sephiroth.

Usual people perceive only the world “generated” by the Malkuth Sephiroth – our physical world.

Man has 7 bodies: Physical, Etheric, Astral and 4 Mental bodies. In other systems names to the Mental bodies are given.

Each Body is built by the corresponding Chakra and “stays” in its own world.

Physical Body “lives” in the world built by Sephiroth Malkuth, Astral Body lives in the world built by Sephiroth Yesod.

There is a correspondence between Sephiroth and Chakras (Bodies):

Sephiroth Malkuth corresponds to Muladhara Chakra and builds Physical world.

Sephiroth Yesod corresponds to Manipura Chakra and builds Astral world.

Sephiroth Hod and Netzach correspond to Anahata Chakra and build 2 Mental worlds.

Sephiroth Tipheret corresponds to Vishuddha Chakra and builds Mental world.

Sephiroth Gevurah and Chesed correspond to Adjna Chakra and build 2 Mental worlds.

Sephiroth Binah and Chokmah correspond to Sahasrara Chakra and build 2 Mental worlds.

Svadhisthana chakra has no its “own” world. Therefore, our Etheric body, which is the power “drawing” (matrix) of the Physical body, is between Physical and Astral worlds.

The presence of a 2 Sephiroth on the level of some chakra means that the developing person, moving upwards on the Sephiroth Tree on its Left, Central or Right “column” will appear by the Bodies in one or another world.