What is Alchemy

Alchemy is not a vestige of the primitive past – it is a section of the higher magic, Magic of the third level with the Assemblage Point on Adjna chakra. With such position of the Assemblage Point, the consciousness of man is in a condition to influence directly (to change) the energy-information of molecular and atomic compounds.

Energy-informational field structures are all that keep the certain configuration of atom or molecule. There becomes a moment in the development of a human consciousness, when it is in a condition to perceive these structures and to change them. For the acquirement of skills of perception of energy-informational structures of molecules and atoms, alchemists change the modular states of matter – warm it, melt, evaporate, freeze etc., tracking the processes occurring on the molecular and atomic levels of transformation by own consciousness. When the consciousness of alchemist is trained, then such person can change the molecular or even atomic structure of a matter by his consciousness, having tuned on it.