What is Healing?

Under healing, they understand today all kinds of paranormal (in difference from “normal” medical) influences on the person with the purpose of his cure from some illness.

A huge quantity of practicing “esoterics” tries to be engaged in healing.

Thus, the absolutely different effects will take place depending from the position of the Assemblage Point of a healer and a patient.

Energy does not know who is a patient and who is a healer, and it flows from there, where it’s a greater amount of it to there, where it’s less amount of it. The higher position of the Assemblage Point defines definitely the more energy saturated person. The level of the AP in a cocoon of the person can be simply compared to a water level in a glass. If we shall connect such two glasses, water will flow from that glass, which has more water to that glass, which has less water. It means that if the AP of patient is located above than the healer’s one, such healer cannot render any influence on such patient. Moreover, having entered into the linking with the patient, such healer will collect all patients’ problems with his energy. Therefore, healers often destroy their power and collect all problems from patients.

The main rule of a healer is to enter into linkage only with people with the lower position of the Assemblage Point and to affect until it is possible to keep the higher fixing of the Assemblage Point.

Healers can influence on the patient by own bio-field (bioenergetics) or by own consciousness (Magic), by the forming of own Contract.

In Magic, healers are Magicians of the second level, who are able to fix the Assemblage Point on Vishuddha chakra for all time of healing.

Position of the Assemblage Point on Vishuddha chakra allows to connect to the corresponding planetary egregors and to get a special operating state of consciousness (including work of the Assemblage Point), which is able to affect an alive matter and physiological processes.

The rising of the Assemblage Point occurs also during the connection of the person to the egregor of healers. For example, while working with the egregor (channel) of Reiki, the Assemblage Point rises to the area of Anahata. The person only conducts the energies of healing from the egregor of Reiki through himself to the patient, and is not in a condition to affect him by own consciousness.

When the person loses fixation of the Assemblage Point on Vishuddha, he should stop healing immediately.

Certainly, the position of AP is only a necessary condition for the work of healer. We shall talk about healer’s practices and esoteric knowledge in this area in the section “Health” of our site.