Magic and Bioenergetics

People often mix these two concepts because both in one and in other area they try sometimes to solve similar problems – healing, the development of consciousness and the decision of vital situations. The basic difference between these disciplines lays in the level of consciousness of the person (the position of his Assemblage Point), connection to egregors and, accordingly, in knowledge and opportunities, which can be received at this level. When we speak about the position of AP, we mean its working position – all that level, on which person can raise the AP and keep it there during the work. The experience shows that it is possible to rise the Assemblage Point on the height of one-two chakras – if in a usual condition the person has AP on Manipura, then using the certain techniques it’s possible to raise it for a short time up to Anahata and even for the shorter time up to Vishuddha.

If the Assemblage Point of man in working condition is below Anahata, then such person can be engaged in bioenergetics – to influence by own bio-field on the bio-field of other people. Such person can test the power of other people and correct it by means of own energy.

And if the Assemblage Point of man is fixed on the level of Anahata chakra and above – rather serious changes in work of his consciousness (the work of AP) occur, and such consciousness already can be co-tuned and can perceive the energy-informational signals from other objects and influence them directly.

The consciousness of the person with the Assemblage Point below Anahata chakra is directed on the person itself. Only when AP rises on Anahata and above, the consciousness of the person can influence on the external world. Therefore bioenergets can operate only their power bodies by means of consciousness and can render external influence only by own power.

Magicians and Bioenergets have various mechanisms of perception and influence. It is own power Bodies for Bioenergets and Consciousness for Magicians. Bioenergets do not change the external Contract. They live and work in the same world with the same laws, as all society, while Magicians are in a condition to construct own Contract with the given properties and, having expanded it on the person or on a situation, to change them.