9.9 What is Magic?

Magic is a system of knowledge, inherited to us from the more developed civilizations, which have reached the higher level of consciousness during the planetary evolution.

It is possible to tell simply, that Magic is a part of esoteric knowledge, intended for the work with the Assemblage Point.

The AP for man is an objective, through which he perceives the external reality and by means of which he “assembles” the external reality around himself in the radius of personal power. Both mentality and opportunities of any person completely depend from the position of AP, its size, its properties and its energy.

Social man has rigidly fixed Assemblage Point in one position by means of the Social Contract. Therefore, modern social person perceives external reality (the film shooting through the objective of rigidly fixed movie camera) as the only possible objective world. And all social sciences try to investigate this world, even not supposing at all the opportunity that if to change the position of AP (to shift movie camera slightly), then external reality will change in a principal way with all its laws.

Thus, the social person having the Assemblage Point below Anahata chakra is not in a condition to influence an external world and is completely directed with the external world (the external Contract).

In the process of development of consciousness, the fixation of the AP weakens, it becomes more mobile and the person of the 4th caste gets an opportunity to move it and to perceive other realities. In addition, the parameters of AP are also changing.

The person of the 4th caste is able to create his own “Contract”, his own vision of the world in the certain volume of space. In this Magic Contract other laws are working and all magic actions are made in the field of the changed Contract. It is possible to imagine it, as in the ocean of water (symbolizing general Contract), the certain object is located, which creates the every possible turbulence around itself or even evaporates water in some volume. The person who is forming own Contract around of himself will look approximately so on the energy-informational plane.

All magic healings and influences are making by the placement of patient in the area of the changed Contract. Here lies the principal distinction between magic and bio-energetic influence.

Magic schools are studying to work with the Assemblage Point, its parameters, its moving and fixing in various positions, and also with the acquirement of personal force and making of own Contracts.

We differentiate 3 kinds of magic:

1.    Sephirotic Magic – magic based on the work with consciousness of the planet Earth;

2.    Runes Magic – magic based on the work with consciousness of the planet Mars;

3.    Voodoo Magic – magic based on the interactions with consciousnesses of the unembodied spirits (the advanced beings who lived and were dying on the Earth in former times).

If our world is energy-information coded in the consciousness of a planet and magician receives access to this information by own consciousness and can influence it somehow, then there are various phenomenal effects occur somehow in our world as the result of influence.

These phenomenal effects (the result of magic work) are called Magic usually – but that is incorrect.

It is impossible to explain physics or a technique of the magic phenomena from the position of modern perception of the world.

Magician is not the usual social person, who has simply mastered some additional practices. Magician is the person, whose consciousness works in absolutely other mode and cooperates with magic egregors. Just from the magic egregors magician receives the additional opportunities.

There are people (for example rural witches and sorcerers), which make actions relevant to a rather high level of magic. But they are not considered as magicians for all that, because all their actions are making under certain “recipe”, entering for a short time in the “magic states”.

People who have mastered magic science and practices, who are living constantly in the magic egregors, who create the own Contract around, who are able to make magic actions according to the level of their consciousness always and everywhere are considered as magicians.

Almost every man on the level of Warrior in the condition of affect or stress (the changed condition of consciousness) can make magic action absolutely accidentally for himself – for example to damn someone, and that unfortunate will later remove this damnation from himself for a long time. The mechanism of such effect is clear. The amplitude of Consciousness of the person under influence of stress increases and covers the area of Subconsciousness. A “Super-consciousness” which has formed in such way, connects to the higher planetary egregors and starts “to influence” on the external world. The action performed in such condition will have absolutely unexpected effect for all. But such person is not called a magician because he can’t do something similar on the next day, and his world outlook is defined by usual social egregors. And magician stays in such condition of a “super-consciousness” constantly.