9.7 What is Chiromancy?

Man is the complex energy-informational structure. Our physical body is only a small part of our being. Energies of various bodies of man are interacted – therefore we have the projections of structures of other energy-informational levels of the person on a physical body, bearing the vital program and other information about the given person embedded in them.

As we have spoken above, the forever-living consciousness (soul) of man builds physical body subject to the stored information. Esoteric sciences have brought to us the knowledge of projections of energy-informational structures on the lines of palms, on a foot and the projection of internal organs to an auricle – and many other energy-informational dependencies, which are reflected on our physical body.

Man constantly builds his future. At any moment, we can tell with the certain probability, where we shall be through a small interval of time in the future. Any person plans the tomorrow and can tell with a high probability what he will do tomorrow. It means that our tomorrow is already written in the energy-informational space – i.e. already exists.

Similarly, the planetary consciousness builds its future, which is also our future (on global questions) because we exist inside of this consciousness.

The human energy-informational structure reads this information about its future from the planetary consciousness, and this information starts to affect the structure of the integument of palms.

Our physical body is only the most low-frequency part of a human energy-informational cocoon...