9.6 What things are Frames and Pendula?

Frames and Pendula are the indicator instruments (or amplifiers of power interactions), used in the energy-informational practices.

Their operating principle consists in that fact, that human energy-informational cocoon is a self-preservation system, which aspires to compensate any external influence. If to push slightly the person who stands straight, he will swing and then will return in the initial position by means of working muscles. And muscles will work in the direction opposite to influence.

If the person starts to wish something very strongly, he as though disturb from equilibrium himself on power plans, creates a certain energy-informational deficiency, reconstructs his own power cocoon.

For example, if the person wants gold, he has created the deficiency of gold in own consciousness (multivariate object linked with all other objects in the Universe). This deficiency is compensated with that real gold, which is in the immediate proximity. It can be compared with the dug hole, which creates deficiency of a matter and so is filled with water or dust or something else.

If the person will take a pendulum or a frame in hands, having identified with them by own consciousness, and will start to wish something strongly (will disturb consciousness from equilibrium) and then will switch off consciousness (will switch it to the perception state) – then energy-informational structure of man will resonate with the desirable object through the energy-informational field and will start to compensate the created deficiency. There will be the smallest vasomotor motion of muscles in power of the person, which will rotate frame to the direction of the desirable thing or will rotate pendulum. So frames and pendula are moving due to work of muscles of a human body, which compensate changes of the energy-informational cocoon (field) of the person under control of the subconsciousness.

Work with the pendulum is slightly more complex, than with the frame, because when the frame simply turns to the direction of the desirable thing, the pendulum can make various progressive-oscillatory motions under control of subconsciousness. Therefore, the influence of the subconsciousness on pendulum is preliminary tested – how muscles will swing the pendulum in case of positive and negative answers.

As it is possible to consider pendulum as indicator pointer connected to our subconsciousness, it is possible to objectify other information with its help, which is accessible to subconsciousness, but inaccessible for consciousness of the person.

Frames and Pendula are named also Amplifiers – as they strengthen the reaction of our power body and make it accessible to our perception.