9.5 What is the Zodiac Circle?

The human consciousness develops on a spiral, passing from one level to another (from one caste to another).

Esoteric sciences have brought the set of properties to us, which consciousness should acquire on each level. Only after the acquiring of all these properties, the consciousness of man is passing on the next level.

Zodiac circle or 12 zodiac signs indicate 12 various properties, which are necessary to acquire for consciousness at each level.

Each sign defines the initial conditions for the best work with the concrete property.

For example, the beginning of Zodiac, a fire sign Aries. The person born under this sign possesses big energy, obstinacy, vanity, and there will be a task in a life for him to work off these properties – i.e. he should learn to manage with his obstinacy and vanity.

Earth sign Taurus aspires to material benefits, to comfort. It is necessary for such person to learn to compensate these properties in his life and to become free from material slavery.

Air sign Gemini has a perpetual conflict of Consciousness against Subconsciousness. It is impossible to understand who rules in this body. It will be necessary for this person to learn to agree with own subconsciousness, to learn to feel and understand it in order to live as a single person...

And so on...

On the properties of zodiac signs the characteristic images were chosen (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius etc) and the names to Constellations were given – and not vice-versa as it is accepted to think today.

It is possible to see a Lion, a Scorpion and a Man with the identical probability if to look at any constellation.