9.2 What is Meditation?

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Meditation (from Latin meditatio - reflection, considering) – intellectual process.

Any condition of consciousness, when the internal dialogue stops, is calling meditation nowadays. It is total silence in a mind.

The purpose of practices of meditations is the transition to more “superior” conditions of consciousness, in which mind is not the center, where the Will forms, but only the tool of Will of something more outrageous for the mind.

From the positions of esoteric world outlook, meditation is the concentration of attention of the person on own consciousness and controlling of consciousness as like the energy-informational mechanism. It is the tuning of consciousness on other objects and egregors, the reading of information from other objects and controlling of other objects by means of own consciousness. The internal dialogue is an overflowing of the energy-information between consciousness and subconsciousness. With the concentration of attention on consciousness, the internal dialogue stops, because all energy concentrates in the area of consciousness and does not overflow from the subconsciousness.

During meditation, the person grabs consciousness by the attention, moves it on some object, combines it with object (identifies it), and then one of two actions of consciousness are possible: the perception (it is called “to meditate on the object” and “to scan its properties”), or modeling, influence on the object. Thus, the more dimensionality of consciousness the meditator has, the more information he is in a condition to read from the object and the more serious changes he could do with the object.

If simply to concentrate attention on consciousness and not to identify it with any object, then meditator will perceive the information from egregors in which he is included now.

There is an additional practice of Meditation – a survey of a watcher – when the person moves the attention to the area of Subconsciousness and starts to observe the work of mechanisms of Consciousness from there.

This practice is based on the presence of several consciousnesses of man – Personal Consciousness “I” and Consciousnesses “not-I”, formed by the structures of Subconsciousness.

Meditative poses are conductive to those closure of power channels of hands and legs, that energy starts to circulate inside of a cocoon, having moved the person in the maximal introversive mode (concentration on own inner world).

It is possible to tell that all esoteric practices have meditative type...