Level of consciousness and power of man

The human power cocoon possesses the certain final quantity of energy. This energy is distributed on all “bodies” of man. Functioning of man on this or that level (Physical, Astral, Mental) directly depends on the quantity of energy at the given level (in the corresponding body).

Those who have lot of energy in the Physical body, can perform more physical work; those who have lot of energy in the Mental body, can perform a lot of mental work. The position of the Assemblage Point specifies distribution of energy between levels (bodies) of a human cocoon.

The dependence exists between powers of various bodies of a human cocoon. In the process of the “rising” of energy on the higher level, its quantity on a new level decreases, i.e. the quantity of work which this energy can execute in the more high-frequency body decreases...

If in process of development of consciousness, the rise of the Assemblage Point occurs, then the increase of frequency of energy occurs also. For example, in the passage from the caste of “Warriors” to the caste of “Magicians” a huge amount of energy on Manipura chakra is transformed to a small amount of energy on Anahata chakra. Therefore a “tough-guy” Warrior transforms into a “weak” Magician, which should start now to study how to live on a new level of existence...

Man gets accustomed to carry on the certain way of life according to the energy saturation of his bodies. When we speak about levels of consciousness or a caste, then we mean just the energy saturation of one or other power body.

For example, the caste of “Workers” has maximal saturation of the physical body with the minimal energy on all other bodies, and the caste of “Warriors” has the maximal energy saturation of the Astral body with the decrease of energy on the physical body.

The caste of “Magicians” has the high energy saturation of the Mental body with the reduction of quantity of energy on the Physical and Astral bodies.

And what things during the accelerated development of consciousness occur?

Usually “Warriors” having maximum of energy in the area of Manipura chakra, strong will, skill to lead and to resolve any social situation by means of strong-willed efforts and own power are standing on the way of the accelerated development. With the raising of the Assemblage Point, a plenty of energy of the Astral plan on Manipura chakra is transformed to much smaller quantity of energy of the Mental plane on Anahata chakra. On the one hand, such person gets extrasensory features and starts to “hook” the external reality by his consciousness, gets the best intuition – but on the other hand, this person loses that energy, which allowed him to carry usual way of living, which is acquired by the experience.

If the given person works as a head or a leader, for whom it is necessary to keep many people in subordination, then having lost necessary quantity of energy on Manipura chakra, he will be unable to continue to do it in former extent and by former methods. And new “Magic” methods of management of people only should be acquired later.

Any new position of the Assemblage Point leads to necessity to study and to master the new ways of living (Algorithms of Behavior) and decisions of vital problems. And it is connected with the redistribution of energy in cocoon and changing of the perception of the world.

This process is rather painful and it is necessary to take account of it during the decision-making to devote oneself seriously to the accelerated own development. The redistribution of energy in a cocoon with all following consequences leads to the radical changes in our life. It is impossible to continue to live in old way and only to add any new, additional opportunities to the life while devoting oneself seriously to the spiritual development.

While the raising of the Assemblage Point and connection to other egregors will not occur, there will be no new opportunities. And when it will occur – then all the former life will change...