The purpose and sense of development of consciousness (spiritual development)

Spiritual means immaterial in modern understanding. And it can seem that spiritual development is something abstract, unlike the other material development clear to all – for example, physical or intellectual.

But from the esoteric point of view, where man is first of all consciousness (a soul), spiritual development means exactly the development of man, the acceleration of evolutional process instead of development of a physical shell or one of mechanisms of consciousness (for example, of the skill to think logically)...

The spiritual development is really the only possible development of man. All other kinds of development mean the acquirement of any knowledge and skills while the development of consciousness means fundamental change of the person himself and his place in the planetary system.

Human consciousness is born and is acquiring in the caste of “Workers” where it gets the most basic skills (the guaranteeing of basic needs), necessary for a survival. Then, in the caste of “Merchants”, skills of dialogue, interchange, cooperation are acquiring. Further, in the caste of “Warriors” will, intention, adherence to principles are acquiring. Aspiration and possibilities to the management and influence appear. However, until now, all these properties are shown only in three-dimensional physical world.

In the process of the further development of consciousness, the person passes to the caste of “Magicians”, starts to perceive multivariate reality and starts to realize that fact, that the whole three-dimensional social world is governed by the more developed consciousnesses.

In the beginning of the caste of “Magicians” the person studies to perceive subtle power plans, to track the changes in power, to read the information about near future. All this strengthens possibilities of the person to influence on various vital situations.

The understanding and feeling of the multitude of lived lives, the acquired experience and karmic problems is gradually coming. And it becomes absolutely clear in some moment, that if not to pass through Initiation and not to unite nowadays living consciousness with the subconsciousness, to the uniform block, then all achievements of this life will not receive prolongation in the next life and will remain to lay a dead weight in the subconsciousness of the following personality – as hundreds and more incarnations are laying in the depths of our nowadays subconsciousness...

The understanding of this fact forces man to walk on the way of development faster to the  gaining of a Solid consciousness and integrated reincarnating personality.

When the person has need or interest (that is the same) to the spiritual development, it means only that his consciousness was developed to the absolutely definite level (the end of the caste of “Warriors”) and begun to realize the own evolutionary way. And since that moment, the person is in a condition to accelerate own evolution purposefully, instead of spending the life for the illusory purposes – the sort of a pursuit for material values, the accumulation of money over real needs, fights for own principles etc...

And if such interest was not appeared still, it only means that the consciousness of the person should acquire other experience – the experience of a dialogue, management, an assertion of principles and achievement of the desirable material welfare.