The necessity of combination of Theory and Practice

While studying esoteric heritage, we collide with two things – with the description of the world and man, which is other, than modern, and with esoteric practices, which allow to influence on the world. There is an opinion that theory (esoteric perception of the world) is necessary to nobody – the main thing is that the person must learn to do something real. Sometimes, on the contrary, the person reads very much, listens, discusses – but does not undertake any practical steps in the mastering of the energy-informational interactions.

The one and the other attitude are both one-sided and do not lead to the real result. The person is ruled by the egregors to which he is connected. We receive both information and motivation to action and own energy-informational possibilities from the egregors.

Any theory existing in the world has its own egregor. Ancient esoteric knowledge exists not by oneself, but in ancient egregors. Only having connected to these egregors it is possible to receive the kept knowledge and to realize the programs of behavior placed in them in the highest degree.

Any action leads to the expected result, if it is clear. And any action becomes clear by virtue of studying of theoretical material and preparation of consciousness. In the ordinary case it can be compared to that, what to learn by heart a school lesson or really to learn it, having examined the material. If the lesson is simply learnt by heart, the consciousness of the pupil is not connected to the egregor of the given subject.

There are people who can speak for hours on the themes interesting for them, absolutely having not getting tired in spite of this. It occurs because the person is connected to the egregor and draws both information and energy from there.

Certainly, it is possible to show some motion or esoteric practice to the person, explaining nothing, but the effect will very strongly depend on how the person will explain it to himself. If he has a primary grounding in the given theme, he could connect to the egregor and execute the shown practice immediately. But if he has no idea how it works – then there will be no effect from the shown exercise.

In Magic – which is the work of a consciousness, it is impossible neither to understand, nor to realize or to reach anything in general, having not connected to the ancient magic egregors.

Theory itself does not shift the consciousness of man anywhere. It prepares the base for a such shift. But this shift can really occur only when the person is identified by the consciousness with the new idea (accepts it) and starts to realize new knowledge in a life. Transformation of knowledge into algorithms of behavior is called Realization. But if the acquired knowledge is not used in a life and is lying as the dead weight – then there is no sense from it and it does not favor to any development of consciousness.

Therefore, as the centuries-old experience shows, for the quickest advancement on the way of spiritual development the coordination of two things is necessary – the more expanded world outlook and knowledge with the practice which confirms them – or Knowledge and Existence.