The training in Esoteric disciplines

Ancient esoteric tradition, transferred in the millennia from generation to generation, has a precisely acquired system of training. Training depends on the level of consciousness (the position of the Assemblage Point) of a trainee.

With the position of the Assemblage Point below Manipura chakra, man usually does not have any interest in esoteric sciences. It looks all impractical and unnecessary for a normal life to him. Interests of such person are completely satisfied by the social offer. It is possible to work, to trade and to fight with equal success both on flat and on the round Earth. Therefore - what is the difference, what form it has “actually”?

With the position of the Assemblage Point in the area of Manipura chakra (the caste of Warriors) the person starts to be interested in the acquirement of additional possibilities, which can help him in a social competition. Man acquires volitional properties on this level of consciousness and constantly struggles for a place under the sun – the best house, the best machine, the greater post and salary. As far as the competitive struggle constantly becomes complicated, the people of the 3rd caste start to turn their look on the secret (esoteric) disciplines, the mastering of which still gives to the person some obvious advantages before those, who does not own this knowledge and skills, by virtue of their isolation.

Manipura chakra builds our Astral body – the body of sensations. The Assemblage Point on Manipura allows to work with the Astral body, to reduce a threshold of sensitivity and to acquire the perception of bioenergetics – to work with energies of the own cocoon. After some training, it is possible to learn to reduce a threshold of sensitivity and to start to perceive etheric and astral body. Thus, it is possible to learn to define abnormalities of the etheric body of the person and to equalize his power.

The consciousness of man of the 3rd caste cannot influence on the external world (the planetary consciousness) still, but already is in a condition to build a thoughtforms for the influence on own organism.

The work with the esoteric practices at this level assists the raising of the Assemblage Point and the accelerated development of consciousness. Man can absolutely really learn to perceive the world in the greater range, to learn to work with own health and to solve social problems more successfully.

In the process of development of consciousness and movement of the Assemblage Point to the direction of Anahata chakra, the fundamental changes in the energy-informational structure of man occur. The Assemblage Point starts “to turn over” and not only “to assemble” the external world for the consciousness of the person, but also to change the external reality under influence of the consciousness. Without the turning of the AP to work outside, any influence on external reality is impossible.

It takes only to think about something seriously for the person with such level of consciousness, and “it” starts to be realized somehow.

The part of esoteric science for the accelerated development of such consciousness is called Magic, which is divided to a few sublevels. The very first level of Magic is called extrasensory perception. And it differs from bioenergetics by the fact that all work is realized here by the consciousness of the person instead of his power bodies, as it was in bioenergetics. Since absolutely all objects in the Universe are the bundles of energy-information and are interconnected among themselves, as we already spoken, the Psychics are in a condition to tune by own consciousness on other objects and to read out information from them.

People born with the consciousness of “Psychics” sometimes are deluded, that if they are in a condition to make something with the consciousness, then any other person is in a condition to make it too – but it is wrong. Psychics perceive the world differently, than the majority of people in their environment, and sometimes they aspire to found the school and to create own doctrine. Nevertheless, the existing in millennia esoteric doctrine bears in itself the knowledge of various levels of consciousness and teaches how to develop consciousness for each level in the more optimal way. 

It is very important not to hurry and to work out each level of consciousness carefully when studying esoteric disciplines, with the real tracking of the results on own life. Remember, what Gurdjieff has spoken about the relationship between consciousness and existence. The attempt to run forward can be finished with the disappointment, the lost hopes, wasted time, the loss of motivation of a life and other negative aspects.