Power defeats

When people interact on an energy level, then energy flows from there, where is more amount of it, there, where is less amount of it. Therefore, it is always pleasant to be in a company of the more developed or more energy-saturated person. Their energy slowly flows to us, and we feel the pleasant range of emotions. Thus, our companion loses energy from such communication, and our company becomes tiresome fast to him.

Man is a stable, self-adjustable energy-informational system. When he makes this system to lose a condition of balance by his wrong Algorithms of Behavior – for example, starts to envy strongly to someone – then all his energy system aspires to return to this balance. But for the returning in balance, it is necessary for man to compensate that, what is not presented, but that another has and to what he envies. As a result, the energy communication between these people is built and “envious person” starts to take away from another that, what is not enough for him at the energy level.

As a result, the owner of a new thing, who is suspecting nothing, simply having shared the pleasure with friends, starts to lose energy and as the result of loss of energy loses interest to a new toy, starts to feel himself badly and so on. The similar energy-dependences in esoteric are called energy vampirism.

Alongside with vampirism, there is an energy evilwishing – when on the energy-informational cocoon of the person the blow (the similar structure) is stroked and the structures of cocoon are deformed.

There is also such concept as curse – the embedding of an alien, specially created energy-informational structure in the energy cocoon of the person with the purpose of rendering of the constant influence on behavior and sensations of man.

And, at last, the damnation exists – the thoughtform which can both influence on one concrete person, but can influence on all generation (descendants) of the given person and to lead to problems during many generations.

We shall talk about it later in detail in the section “Health”.