Energy interactions between people

All objects in the Universe are connected among themselves - all of them are the informational bundles in the uniform energy-informational field. Therefore, any action in the Universe influences on the absolutely all objects. The effect of this influence depends on distance, weight, level of energy and many other factors.

People cooperate with each other by the energy-information through the chakra system. We usually start to feel the person and even make some presentation about him to ourselves still before we start to communicate with him in the very first time. Sometimes it is enough for us to see the photo of the person, and we feel already, is he pleasant to us or is not.

Certainly, the information about man is scanned by our consciousness not from a photo, but our consciousness finds the person via photo (his energy-informational structure) in the general energy-informational field and scans information from there.

When people start to communicate, the links on various chakras depending on the type of dialogue are built between them. Besides, the interaction between their Assemblage Points occurs. If the level of the Assemblage Points of interlocutors is identical, they will have identical representation about the world, identical opportunities of work of consciousness and as a result will find common language easily and quickly.

But if the positions of the Assemblage Points of interlocutors are different, then they perceive the world in different ways, and while speaking the same words, they see absolutely different meanings and ideas. The attempt of dispute or discussion in such situation leads to the co-tuning of the AP. Those who will have stronger belief in own correctness, so-called energy of holding of the Assemblage Point, will pull the interlocutor on the own level – “will convince him”...

For example, if candidate of physical sciences will lead discussion with the student - physicist about physical problems, most likely that student will co-tune with him. It means that the Assemblage Point of the student will move to the same place on his cocoon, where the candidate of sciences has his AP. And student will perceive the world of physics differently in this position, than in his usual condition...

The studying of any profession and any skill is reduced to the moving and fixing of the Assemblage Point in new position, corresponding to this knowledge or skill.

The ancient methods of studying with masters are based on the co-tuning of the Assemblage Point. The pupil had come to the teacher’s house and lived there for some time, doing any subsidiary work. Thus, his Assemblage Point was co-tuned with the AP of teacher and pupil started to perceive the world in the other way.

The co-tuning of the Assemblage Point explains also that fact, that with the presence of some psychics or people with paranormal abilities, children are in a condition to repeat their “phenomena”.

Children have the AP not fixed still so rigidly in one position comparing to the adults. Therefore, children accept an opportunity of miracles and phenomena. Before a psychic, children do not repeat to oneself, that all is nonsense and delusion (thereby fixing the AP in a usual social status), but are co-tuning with inspiration with a “conjurer” and as a result their AP moves to such position and “assembles” such world in which the shown phenomena are possible…

But as far as children cannot enter in this state themselves, after termination of the direct dialogue with the master, their Assemblage Points are coming back in a usual social status (the co-tuning with parents), and they cannot show any paranormal phenomena.

Moving of the AP explains that fact, that many people approve, that they got paranormal abilities after the contact with UFO.

UFO – the Unidentified Flying Objects – are the energy-informational objects of other world constructed on other principles, than all objects of our world around us. It means that they are as the other television program, which requires special tuning of our “receiver” (consciousness). But if it was possible to co-tune with UFO for the person – and it means first of all to see it – the Assemblage Point of this person becomes shifted and fixed in the unusual to our world position on a power cocoon as a result of such co-tuning. And in this position of the AP, the given person “assembles” (decodes from the general signal of the Universe) a little bit other world with some other opportunities, than in our standard world. But if AP remains fixed in this new position, then the unusual (paranormal) abilities of this person are opening in our world.

The fixing of the Assemblage Point explains that fact, that reckless people in a youth become strict and formal parents, as if they have completely forgotten their youth. Simply in a youth filled by various activities, their AP was still not fixed so rigidly and allowed to see the world under different points of view, and in the mature age its rigid fixing in one social status occurred. And the world now can be and must be only that, what is imagined to themselves...

After the co-tuning of interlocutors via the position of AP, the co-tuning via chakras occurs. The more energetically active person, as a rule, rotates the same chakra of the interlocutor during communication, on which he communicates. Chakra is an energy center, and it colors the information transferred by words to the corresponding energy.

If Anahata of the person is active (the heart chakra), then all that he speaks will be colored by the cordial emotions and will be perceived by the interlocutor comfortably. But if the person will tell the same on the active Adjna chakra (the chakra of “manipulation”), interlocutor will interpret the told things as order or “bullying”. So there will be no comfortable dialogue on Adjna, but the good management of people in the form of orders.

With the correctly working chakra system, in various vital situations there one or other chakra of the person is turning on automatically.