The principles of esoteric opportunities of man

Esoteric heritage bears a lot of information for us about human consciousness and its interaction with the consciousness of the planet.

 All paranormal from the point of view of modern outlook phenomena and opportunities become clear from the position of esoteric model of the world. Our consciousness is inside of other consciousness, which we call external (relatively to the person), and for all difference in complexities of these consciousnesses, the principle of the information coding is uniform in them (all that above is that below). Thus, the internal consciousness has the opportunity to influence on the external under certain conditions, causing that absolutely unimaginable changes in the external world (as we got used to consider – objective world)...

 If to think about it, there are no incredible things here. Any of us is able to imagine something in own consciousness, to remember it and to return to this form or idea after a while. And it means that the information is coded somehow in our consciousness and is stored somewhere. These mechanisms are unknown to science now, but it is rather obvious, that they exist... There are the same processes occur in the external consciousness (consciousness of the Earth). This consciousness creates something at the level of the energy-information (invents), and this energy-information is coded somehow and is kept somewhere. The method of the coding of information at all levels of consciousness is identical. It means that if man will be able “to throw” his idea (and this idea is a certain energy-informational file) in the consciousness of the planet, then the effect will be similar to a virus in computer system. It can result both to the changing of work of planetary system (magic) and to the catching and punishment of the “programmer”...

 Let us sum up:

1.    All our world is the energy-information stored in the planetary consciousness;

2.    The development of our world occurs under the influence and management of the planetary consciousness (egregors of the Sephiroth Tree);

3.    Man is a cell of the planetary organism (including the cells of the brain), depending on the level of connection of his consciousness to egregor;

4.    The Human consciousness is constructed in the image and likeness (the identical coding and storage of the information at all levels) of the planetary consciousness;

5.    The Human consciousness can influence on the planetary consciousness under certain conditions, rendering thereby the non-physical (magic) influence on our world.