The Principle of social hierarchy, the raised teachers

The human consciousness evolves within the limits of planetary consciousness and passes through 7 steps or castes on its way (the 4th caste divides on a 4 levels inside). The quantity of lives lived by the person in each caste depends on many reasons. First of all it depends on the understanding of the place of the person on the Earth by the person himself and the way of development. While moving to one direction with escalator, it is possible to come more quickly to the target, rather than moving to the direction opposite to its movement. 

Esoteric heritage has brought the information to us that all the state associations were initially initiated by the people of the 4th caste or Magicians with the purpose to accelerate the evolution of a society or to direct it to the course desirable by them. They were “Gods” in human folklore. “Gods” have created Ancient Egypt under the legend; “Gods” from the Olympus operated the Ancient Greece... The semi-divine person – Moses, has withdrawn Jews from Egypt, and the same super-human persons were Tsar David and Tsar Solomon – the founders of Ancient Israeli kingdom.

Under the legend, “Gods” have found the states of South America, and the Far East... Who were these “Gods”? They were the high-developed personalities with the position of the Assemblage Point on Adjna Chakra, having solid consciousness and carrying the knowledge of ancient civilizations in own memory. The abilities of these personalities exceeded the abilities of usual people of the first 3 levels so, that they seem almighty “Gods” to them.

Solid consciousness of man having the AP on Adjna chakra is an egregor, as he unites all incarnations (all personalities) of the given person in oneself. One such person is in a condition to operate social groups. This operating occurs not on personal, but on the egregor’s plane. The developed personality influences on a social egregor, and all people operated by this egregor start to work off this influence. The acts of “Gods” are described exactly so – “God” speaks “we shall make something” – and everybody is going to do it. There are no arrangements and explanations because the “divine” influence affects the social egregor...

Religions were created in the same way. They are also the egregors for the controlling of social groups of the first three castes.

As the process of evolution of consciousness goes continuously, the enough amounts of consciousnesses have developed up to the high level during all time of existence of the planet Earth. These advanced beings are living in other, than ours, energy-informational level called Magonia, or celestial world. It is the most high-frequency part of planetary consciousness - a brain of the planet. As there are octaves in music, each of which has identical quantity of notes, but is shifted via frequency, as well there are many energy-informational levels (worlds), shifted via frequency relative to each other inside of the planetary consciousness. More high-frequency worlds will have more energy in comparison with ours (as the more distant electronic orbit from the kernel of atom); therefore beings from that world will be perceived by us as bright, shining, glad – enegy-saturated and bearing the higher emotions via frequencies.

Similarly, there are also less energy-saturated worlds, than ours. We will perceive the creatures of those worlds as dark, unpleasant (bearing the low-frequency emotions). The presence of many worlds, various on the frequencies, perceived by people with a high level of consciousness, generated all the existing legends about light angels and dark demons...

There is a concept about the raised teachers in esoteric tradition. In this case, they are talking about personalities who have gone on the level of development of consciousness with the Assemblage Point on Adjna chakra. It is exactly that level of development of consciousness or energy-saturation, when the passage of personality from our world to the more high-frequency world occurs (on a following octave). This passage in esoteric is called Rapture.

It would be desirable to accent, that the question is about evolutionary process of development of consciousness. Each consciousness will come to this level eventually.

Man is the energy-informational structure. This structure constantly becomes complicated during evolution, and its parameters are both information and energy change. And there comes such moment when the given structure cannot be at a level of our world any more according to the quantity of energy (to which the certain level of energy - as electron on the certain orbit - corresponds), and passes to the following level.

The developed personalities living in Magonia, the more high-frequency world, operate our world directly. Management is carried out through the egregor’s layer. One of the most obvious examples of such management is the policy of any state. Any state has the egregor which defines its movement and development.

On the example of the states with democratic government and regular elections of governors, it’s possible to trace the tendency that the basic direction of development of the state does not depend on the person of the governor, but complies to some other laws, that are not always clear for us. Sometimes the representatives of both the right and the left camp become prime ministers in turn, but the politics of the state does not vary in the basic questions – because the real government is carried out through its egregor from Magonia. And the head of the state only works off the incoming operating signal from egregor.

We know the statements of leaders of the states, who went on elections with one ideology and began to take another after election. They spoke, that “hence many things look differently” (from the position of president or prime-minister) – which confirms their connection to the operating signal from the celestial world, and carrying out of this signal to masses...

Therefore, the role of the leader in history is very and very problematic theme...  Earlier, when there was no such extensive and universal society, the personalities who are really controlling the world were here. Hence all gods, heroes and prophets of the antiquity. In compliance with the development and complication of planetary consciousness, the appearance of the overall egregor’s and social layer, all management of our world can be made now from Magonia through the corresponding egregors.

And the leader of any egregor’s association, whether it is country or an industrial plant, becomes the man who is in a condition to follow and to work off the egregor’s signal