Two systems of vital motivation

The vital program of man with the time of his life in the given incarnation is defined in many aspects by the system of vital motivation. There are two systems of motivation. The first and the most popular in modern society is life for the sake of someone or something. Life for the sake of children, grandsons, parents, beloved... Life for the sake of making of world’s revolution, the building of house, purchase of an airplane. There were many situations, when man strives long for something, achieves the desirable at last and dies soon. His vital program was executed, the system of vital motivation is realized and there is no sense in his further life for the planetary organism - therefore the person is “switched off”.

The second system of vital motivation is life for the sake of own development. It is necessary not to confuse such motivation with the egoistic aspirations of man - to live for the sake of own pleasure and entertainment.

Man who stands on the way of development, understands that he will collide constantly with social complexities and that’s why he decides to devote life to the ultimate development of own consciousness. It is a destiny of the high-developed person, when the extreme side of it is asceticism. The primary idea of monasteries consists in a creation of conditions for life of people with the second vital motivation.

If under the first vital motivation human life becomes senseless after the achievement of aim, under the second system of motivation man will live and will advance until he will have enough forces to the constant changes of own personality and will assign specific aims on the way of own development.