From what does the time of staying in Limbo depend on?

The time of staying in the condition of “not-life” has a great importance for the further incarnation of man and for the quality of his next life. The more time soul spends in Limbo, the more negative (parasitic) information for the general development of personality will be erased from it.

The time of staying in Limbo depends on a quantity of the energy-informational structures - so-called “canned food” for the additional charging of soul, created by consciousness of man during his life. When man leads the active way of life filled by different events, actions and real experiences, the energy-informational structures are built in his consciousness. When we remember our past deeds, we feel lot of emotions - it is exactly that “preserved” energy-information.

After death, the soul of man exists in Limbo due to this energy “preserved” in similar structures. Thus, the more active and full of any events the life of man was, the longer his soul will not reincarnate in the physical body and, accordingly, the longer it will be cleared from the unconstructive energy-informational structures and deformations. So, the quality of the next life will depend from it.