About Masters of this Project

We - Philosopher and Oracle - a family couple, aged 50 plus, for many years, interested in development of Personality and Consciousness, cognizing a World and a Human.

In our search, we’ve got familiar with various schools and trends existing today, like Yoga, Reiki, Kabbalah, Astrology, Numerology, Magic, Religion etc.

We got to know with such institutions as the Monroe Institute, a school of DEIR, Temnikov’s school, Bronnikov school, School of "Atlantis" and others...

Our experience with different schools brought us to realizing the fact that whole todays esoteric knowledge is a leftover of the science from ancient civilizations.We are combining research and study of the esoteric knowledge with the active social living and working in modern society, tracking all the ongoing changes happening to us.

We try to adapt the ancient knowledge and technology to the modern life, in order to use them for accelerated developmentof self-Personality. This site is created (and keeps growing) basing on materials of our researches.

There are many possible ways of spiritual development. Each of them is best suited to a particular type of society and certain life style.

We are moving forward the pathway of developing the Person(ality). Such Person(ality) that is actively involved in modern social life, living consciously and progressing with the new advanced capabilities. The concrete capabilities that are immediately being used for resolving all ongoing issues.

We are interested in communication and collaboration with everyone ready for serious studying and researching in the area of human Consciousness, the structure of the world and human place within. With everyone who is no longer filled up/satisfied with only mere-social being, and who is willing to a conscious self-Development and accelerated evolution of his own Consciousness. Everyone is welcome to a conscious discussion on the Forum.

Our Centre is not a branch or affiliate of any esoteric school. Currently, on the post-Soviet space, there are dozens of popular (pop) esoteric schools appeared. These schools tend to be mass-mainstreamed and consequently to reach economic gains.

Actual development of Personality and Consciousness – complicated and self-oriented process, absolutely not with the mass.

Moreover, mass pop-esoteric passion profanes ancient knowledge, blowing up self-importance appearance, leads to the diseases, loose of the life motivation and push individual aside of his life’s purpose.We stand opposed to such social approach of pop-esoteric.


Many people contact us asking for help after they were affected by irresponsible, ignorant, populist attitude to the Esoteric Heritage.

Only mature, healthy, conscious, socially successful Person may be engaged in the process of accelerated development of Personality and Consciousness without harming himself.

Generally, applying to pop-esoteric ‘studying’ is just an attempt to escape from solving real life issues ...

On our website we provide necessary information for anyone interesting in Esoteric. In order to give an opportunity to figure out - What is that-; to get acquainted with the methods and ways of development the Personality and the Consciousness, with corresponding complexities and dangers on the Pathway …

Such and only serious and responsible approach is capable to reach the actual development of the Personality and the Consciousness, to help in finding out what is happening around and to solve all Life Tasks...Only with such approach, Esoteric Knowledge assists people successfully Living and Growthing inside the Modern Society.